Cost of Surrogacy in Karol Bagh

Infertility reveals itself differently in women, presenting as various problems. It might come as lower egg quality or quantity necessary for healthy embryo development. Sometimes, it presents as issues within the uterus that prevent embryo attachment to the uterine lining. When these challenges block the path to conceiving a child with your partner, surrogacy emerges as a promising solution. Ekmi Fertility stands at the frontline in helping you in overcoming these fertility problems, all while working to make the cost of surrogacy in Karol Bagh as accessible as can be.

In today’s context, the intended parent is the person or couple ready to welcome the responsibility of raising the child once it’s born. On the other hand, a surrogate mother is a woman carrying a child with the intention of placing it for adoption upon delivery. Careful health screening ensures the surrogate’s well-being throughout the pregnancy journey. She nurtures the child until birth, after which the intended parents take custody.

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What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an important solution for couples facing infertility, often due to challenges in carrying a pregnancy to term. For those seeking the best surrogacy centre in Karol Bagh, Ekmi Fertility is your trusted partner. Our expert team offers hope and guidance throughout this journey. Surrogacy involves a woman conceiving and delivering a child, either as a biological mother or gestational carrier. This generous act brings great joy to families. We support and guide you through every step of the process.

Surrogacy in Karol Bagh

In the face of infertility challenges, traditional medical approaches sometimes prove ineffective for couples. This is where surrogacy offers a promising solution. Increasingly, couples facing medical complexities turn to surrogate motherhood as a possible choice. These dedicated surrogates undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments, playing a major role in helping couples embrace their biological child with open arms.

To oversee and formalize the surrogacy procedure, a legal agreement is made between the couple and the surrogate mother. At Ekmi Fertility, our expert legal counsellors manage this important aspect on your behalf. This legal agreement with the surrogate mother shows her consent to participate in the surrogacy process. Within the terms of this agreement, she willingly gives up any parental authority over the baby to the couple, who are the child’s biological parents. This legal paperwork ensures clarity and protection for all parties involved, helping in a smooth and secure surrogacy journey.

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The process of surrogacy

In this delicate procedure, the couple must engage the services of a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother takes on the vital role of carrying the embryo formed from the couple’s sperm and eggs within her womb. It is here that she further nurtures it until it naturally reaches full term. Sometimes, couples struggle with challenges related to the quality of their own eggs or sperm. For such couples, an option exists wherein they can opt to include donor eggs or sperm into the surrogacy process. This option ensures a complete approach to overcoming infertility problems.

Couples going on a surrogacy journey start by registering with Ekmi Fertility. We then match them with a suitable surrogate, prioritizing blood relatives of the intended mother when possible. If not, we assist in finding willing surrogates. Thorough screening ensures they meet medical, genetic, and psychological standards, ensuring a safe and positive journey to parenthood.

Cost of surrogacy in Karol Bagh

Ekmi Fertility takes pride in offering the most cost-effective surrogacy option in Karol Bagh. Our approach is to keep the cost of surrogacy in Karol Bagh accessible and affordable to all. Within the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), surrogacy stands out as an exceptionally effective fertility treatment. Surrogacy treatments cover a price range going from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs. This process involves the participation of a surrogate, a woman who selflessly carries an embryo in her womb on behalf of another couple throughout the entire pregnancy journey. The intended couple assumes responsibility for covering the expenses associated with the surrogacy process, ensuring both the surrogate’s well-being and the healthy development of the baby. Our commitment to affordability aims to make surrogacy a possible option for couples seeking to realize their dream of parenthood.

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