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In the world of modern assisted reproductive technologies, surrogacy takes centre stage today. It is the best choice for couples facing the reality of medical barriers to natural pregnancy or when the mother’s health is at risk. Ekmi Fertility stands as a steady ray of hope for individuals determined to fulfil their parenthood dreams. As the Best Surrogacy Centre in Rajkot, we proudly establish ourselves as the highly effective solution for addressing a wide range of fertility challenges. Our commitment to excellence in surrogacy services provides couples with the confidence and support they need on their journey. We overcome the problems that stand in their way of realizing their dreams of a family and help in becoming loving parents.

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What is surrogacy?

The surrogacy process involves an effort between the intended parents, the surrogate mother, and our team of expert doctors at Ekmi Fertility. A dedicated lawyer is responsible for compiling all the necessary legal documentation for the intended parents, the surrogate mother, and, if applicable, the donors involved. Following this, all parties involved come together to sign a contract agreement. This agreement clearly outlines the surrogate’s commitment to becoming pregnant and delivering a child for the intended couple. As the Best Surrogacy Centre in Rajkot, we offer the convenience of complete legal assistance, ensuring that all legal aspects are expertly managed under one roof.

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Procedures involved in surrogacy in Rajkot

  • The screening process thoroughly evaluates the surrogate before matching her with either the intended couple or a donor.
  • During the initial menstrual cycle, we stimulate either the intended mother’s ovary or a donor’s ovary.
  • In our laboratory, our skilled embryologist retrieves the eggs and simultaneously collects sperm from the intended father.
  • The embryologist carefully introduces the egg and sperm together for fertilization, and they are incubated under prefect conditions.
  • Upon selecting a fertilized embryo, we proceed to implant it into the surrogate mother’s uterus to initiate pregnancy.

Who are eligible for surrogacy in Rajkot?

In today’s world, many people face infertility. Some of the examples of such cases are:

  • Couples who are over the age of 35, as advanced maternal age can pose challenges in both conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to full term.
  • Surrogacy can also serve as a solution for couples in which one or both partners have genetic defects they do not want to pass on to their offspring.
  • Moreover, surrogacy presents a suitable choice for women who have medical conditions that prevent them from safely carrying a child in their womb.
  • Furthermore, for individuals who have experienced multiple disappointments with IVF cycles, IUI cycles, and other fertility treatments, surrogacy provides new hope.

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Guaranteed Surrogacy Program by Ekmi Fertility

  • Ekmi Fertility proudly maintains its reputation as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Rajkot. Our recognition is built upon our constant delivery of world-class treatment, which includes one important feature – the assured live birth. Our track record of excellence and the assurance of a live birth make us a trusted and reliable choice for those starting the surrogacy journey in Rajkot.
  • Our position as Rajkot’s best surrogacy clinic is held by our competitive and flexible pricing. This makes us the top choice for individuals seeking surrogacy services in the area.
  • Our centre helps in patient journey by allowing online appointment bookings and providing free consultations. Couples and individuals seeking surrogacy services at Ekmi Fertility can have confidence in our expertise and commitment to helping them realize their dreams of parenthood.
  • We have dedicated ourselves to make a state-of-the-art surrogacy centre marked by cutting-edge technologies and advanced techniques. Our experienced team of fertility doctors come from different regions of India. This careful thought ensures that patients have access to the latest innovations and expertise in the field of assisted reproduction.
  • Apart from our medical excellence, we have got recognition for establishing a hospitable environment for our patients, complete with living accommodations. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for the well-being and comfort of both our patients and surrogate mothers. Thus, making Ekmi Fertility a preferred choice for those going on the path to parenthood through surrogacy.

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