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Ekmi Fertility is one of the best surrogacy centre in India with the best doctors to assist throughout your journey. While the surrogacy program may vary based on your state laws, surrogacy professionals, and individual circumstances, we are providing you with a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for what’s to come throughout your surrogacy journey.

Choosing Surrogacy

The first step in any surrogacy process is to carefully consider whether surrogacy is right for you to go on.

Just like with any major decision, couples and individuals considering surrogacy should carefully research surrogacy laws, consider its pros and cons and even speak with various surrogacy professionals to truly understand if surrogacy is right for them.

For Prospective Intended Parents: There are many reasons to consider growing your family through surrogacy if you are a couple who has struggled with infertility.

If you or your spouse are struggling with the decision to become parents through surrogacy, or if you need additional information before making your decision, consider reaching out to a counselor or surrogacy specialist before proceeding with the surrogacy process. Ekmi Fertility in this regard is dedicated to providing you with the best advice.Speak to our surrogacy professional on +91- 8448841271

Preparing for Surrogacy

Once the intended parent has decided to commit to surrogacy, they must then determine the goals and needs of the surrogacy and the type of surrogacy professional they want to work with.

Surrogacy Program

Gestational Surrogacy – Indian surrogacy laws only allow gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, the child is not biologically related to the surrogate mother. The embryo is instead created using an egg from the intended mother or a donor and sperm from the intended father or a donor using in vitro fertilization. Once the egg is fertilized in the laboratory, the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother.

The new surrogacy laws in India state that any woman who is willing to be a surrogate mother without taking any financial compensation can help you complete your family. However you need to buy insurance for the surrogate mother for 3 years.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program

At Ekmifertility, we hold your hand till the time we hand over a healthy child to you. Our customized guaranteed plans allow the couple to start preparing for their baby’s arrival the moment we take them on board with us.
In our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program we give unlimited attempts till conception and also we also repeat the process for you in case of any miscarriage during pregnancy.
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Becoming a parent is an extraordinary experience, and by meeting with us and sharing your story, you’ll better understand the guidance and support you’ll have from us at every moment of your journey.

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Our Counselors will walk you through the surrogacy process, talk with you about what to expect in the journey, and what we expect of intended parents so that they can have a successful journey.

We’ll answer all of your questions, and tailor our conversation to ensure you are getting all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your path to parenthood.

Legal Process (According to Surrogacy Regulation Act 2021)

The Surrogacy (Regulation) Act 2021 states the following criteria for a couple to be eligible for surrogacy in India –

  • Should be of Indian origin (OCI and NRI also included)
  • Should be married for more than 5 years
  • Should not have a living biological child (couple will be considered eligible if their living biological child has a life threatening disease or a physical diability)
  • Should have gone through various failed IVF cycles
  • Should have a proven medical indication due to which the female partner cannot carry the pregnancy.

If the couple is found eligible then the application is filed in the District Medical board which after thoroughly assessing the case issues a Medical Indication Certificate

Meanwhile the couple can start with the IVF program to save some time so that the embryos are ready by the time they shortlist the surrogate and start the documentation.
The intended mother or egg donor will be given medication to help her develop-eggs and she will undergo an egg retrieval procedure. The eggs are then fertilized in the laboratory to create an embryo, which will be transferred to the surrogate. The surrogate will also receive medication for uterine stimulation before embryo transfer.

The case in then assessed by the appropriate authorities and the Eligibility Certificate and Essentiality Certificate are issued for the intended parents.
The Intended parents and surrogate mother then undergo physical and psychological fitness before the case in taken to the district court for final proceedings.

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The district court after assessment of all necessary documentation and proceedings will issue Order of Parentage and Custody which can also be presented at the time of issue of birth certificate for reference.
After you get the approval, the embryo transfer will be done into the surrogate mother.

Our dedicated Surrogacy Team

Our dedicated staff is comprised of attorneys, program coordinators, financial counselors, to help the intended parents with all guidance and support.
Our experienced staff provides unmatched antenatal care with complete emotional and legal support throughout the process. Our team shares regular updates with the intending couple regarding the general health of the surrogate and we also share the reports at every milestone of baby’s development.

We have achieved unparalleled success rates of 99.3% for our intended parents by controlling costs, managing insurance, securing high-quality IVF treatment, and focusing on our matching process. 

Welcoming the New Baby

After the long surrogacy process, the birth of the baby is a life-changing event for both the surrogate and the intended parents. Most times, the intended parents join the surrogate at the hospital for this momentous experience.

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After the baby is born and the surrogate is discharged from the hospital, the new family and surrogate can all return home, the parents with their new baby and the surrogate with the satisfaction of giving the selfless gift of parenthood to someone who couldn’t do it on their own.

Please note that our staff will also assist you to get the Birth Certificate of the baby or if you are an OCI/NRI couple then we also assist you till process of baby’s exit from the country is complete.
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