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Ekme Fertility is committed to providing personalized, thorough, and utmost care for your fertility journey with the highest chance of success.

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We value our patients, just like our loved ones. Taking care of their fertility concerns is of prime importance to us.

Ekmi Fertility is one of the best IVF Surrogacy Centre in India. We provide moral, emotional, ethical, and most advanced technical support to couples who are trying out to find a solution to fulfill the dream of a family with the minimum cost of surrogacy in India. We provide personal service and assistance to each and every intended parent from a wealth of resources.

We provide the following services to intended parents in connection with surrogacy and egg donation: IUI, IVF, IVF-ICSI, PESA, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, Donor Egg & Surrogacy. To provide all these comprehensive services, our centres are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. IN-Vitro fertilization and fully functional laboratory for Diagnostic and therapeutic tests.


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We at  Ekmi Fertility, prioritize the emotional well-being of our patients, which is as crucial as our clinical standards. Ekmi Fertility provides you with a platform for advanced yet affordable fertility consultation and treatments.

Parenthood is a dream every couple wishes to fulfill. Which is why we have tie-ups with the best fertility clinics and surrogacy centres in India, to double up your chances of successfully conceiving a pregnancy in this journey.

Our fertility experts at  Ekmi Fertility, are dedicated to providing you with the best IVF Treatment or even Surrogacy if required, planned, and based on your specific situation and need. We understand that couples need to feel comfortable and we take the time to develop a rapport with them. We understand that it takes time to develop a rapport with patients. We intend to first make them comfortable and then understand all their issues, with our expert fertility consultants. Our dedicated team addresses all their issues as a priority and works on the root cause, by allocating them the best fertility or surrogacy centres. This, along with state-of-the-art technology and the clinical protocols of our fertility clinics and surrogacy centres, Ekmi Fertility ensures the high success rates of our treatments.

In collaboration with several centres across India, our team of specialists facilitates your pregnancy through a holistic approach delivered at a location convenient to you.

Why should you choose Ekmi Fertility?

Ekmi Fertility is one of the most trusted fertility chains in India, that provides a wide range of fertility treatments, in collaboration with the best fertility treatment clinics as well as with top surrogacy centres, to make your dream of parenthood a reality!

Advanced Technology

Our centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies like vitrification for preserving eggs and embryos, embryo-scope and PGS for selecting the best embryo for transfer, and ERA to opt the capacity of a uterus to accept embryos. We are one of the best in the world in our equipment, facilities, operating standards.

Unmatched Expertise

We have a team of highly experienced doctors & consultants that are known to be amongst one of the best professionals and have achieved qualifications and awards from the leading centers of ART in the world. We help fulfill your dream of parenthood with a high success rate by individualizing each couple’s treatment plan.

Transparent & Ethical

Ekmi Fertility is following ethical and transparent procedures. The doctor chooses the type of treatment that is suitable for you that is most likely to succeed. You will be well informed about every step of our treatments so that you are well aware of everything that is going around in your treatment journey.

Personalized Approach

We at Ekmi Fertility follow a personalized approach to provide the best IVF treatment in India to our patients, with an experienced team of experts. Our fertility specialists individualize our patient’s treatment plan and practice evidence-based medicinal approach for a high success rate.

Our Expert Team

We provide the Top IVF Specialists and Fertility Doctors in India with options to book your first appointment FREE. Get a consultation with the best fertility specialists at Ekmi Fertility to make your dream of parenthood come true.

Dr. Minal Singh

MBBS, DGO, DNB, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine.

10 Years of Experience

1VF Specialist

Dr. Neha Gupta​

MBBS, DGO, DNB, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine.

10 Years of Experience

1VF Specialist

Dr. Nidhi Sharma

MBBS, DGO, DNB, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine.

10 Years of Experience

1VF Specialist