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Ekmi Fertility is the pioneer in providing the best IVF and Surrogacy Treatment in India to patients in a cost-effective manner.

IVF Treatment

We are dedicated to providing the best IVF and infertility treatment in India, with world-class facilities and transparency in all interactions with our patients.

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Our surrogacy program is intended to make arrangements for infertile couples when pregnancy becomes medically difficult as well as for single parents

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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

We, at Ekmi Fertility, provide one of the best ICSI Treatments (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) to patients facing infertility, with world-class arrangements.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

IUI Treatment at Ekmi Fertility is a simple and cost-effective procedure to help patients conceive a pregnancy, by injecting the best sperm inside the woman’s uterus


Depending upon the symptoms of the patients, our fertility experts suggest a hysteroscopy. It helps us in finding any potential abnormalities in the uterus to fix. 


It is a minimally invasive procedure adopted by our fertility experts to examine the Fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries of our patient, to fix the infertility issues relating to it.

Why Choose Ekmi Fertility

We strive to provide the best fertility care, from maintaining the highest medical, scientific and academic standards, to supporting you through every stage of your parenthood Journey

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Modern Labs

Our state-of-the-art IVF laboratory is comprised of a powerful air filtration system, which facilitates the success of our advanced fertility treatments.

Assured Live Births

Our guaranteed surrogacy program, assures you that our center is dedicated to taking complete care, till the delivery of your baby.

High Success Rate

Our team of dedicated best fertility experts works with each patient and creates a treatment plan to meet the exact needs of each of our patients.

Interest free EMI

We ensure to provide one of the best IVF and surrogacy treatment in India to patients at an affordable rate with 0% interest rates on installments.

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Guaranteed Surrogacy Program

Register now for our guaranteed surrogacy program with assurance of live birth.

“Ekmi Fertility offers a guaranteed plan ensuring live birth beyond 24 weeks. The plan is confirmed after reviewing reports and is only for cycles with donor eggs from our associated ART Banks.” 

Safety Protocols at Our Clinics during COVID19

We are ensuring mandatory wearing of masks and gloves at all times.

We are ensuring Time Distancing by attending only one patient at a time by the doctor in a particular time slot.

Our seating arrangement done in accordance with social distancing protocols.

we have made touch-free hand sanitizers available for your safety.

Surfaces in the clinic is being sanitized on an hourly basis , do not touch anything inside the clinic.

Try to use stairs instead of lift. Do not use lift with more than 2 people inside including you.

What Our Patients Say About Us

"Our son was born on 1st June 2021 through surrogacy. We are very happy and enjoying parenthood. Never thought our dream would be fulfilled. Thank you Team"
"We are not only grateful for our children but the opportunity to learn about another culture with the guidance of such a caring team."
“We found the clinic to be run very professionally and with the utmost care for the wellbeing and medical needs of all parties involved. Wonderful Team!”

Ekmi Fertility Expert Team

We provide the Top IVF Specialists and Fertility Doctors in India with options to book your first appointment FREE. Get a consultation with the best fertility specialists at Ekmi Fertility to make your dream of parenthood come true.

Get One Step Closer to Having your baby

Ekmi fertility is a one-stop destination for all those who are facing fertility issues. Doctors and centers working with us have years of working experience and with their expertise they provide us the solution for every infertility issue. Parents across the world reaches us and we have helped them in completing their family.  We can help you provide the top Surrogacy centers and top IVF Clinics in India. We also provide a birth certificate after the delivery of the baby and also ensure that babies don’t face any legal issues while entering their country.

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