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Numerous couples choose surrogacy as a possible solution, often driven by medical limitations or challenges in conceiving. In this process, a surrogate generously offers her womb to facilitate the birth of a child for these couples. In Bangalore, specialized centres play an important role in guiding and supporting couples throughout the surrogacy journey. Especially when the female partner has undergone cancer treatment, experienced recurrent miscarriages, has a weakened uterus or faces severe medical conditions.

The new Surrogacy Law in India allows only altruistic surrogacy that is any woman who is willing to help you without any financial compensation. Ekmi Fertility, being the best surrogacy centre in Bangalore has a large pool of surrogate mothers who are ready to help you complete your family. That is why, we give you unlimited attempts till you bring home your bundle of joy. Our legal support team takes care of all the legalities involved in the process.

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Steps of Surrogacy

Steps involved in the whole procedure of Surrogacy include – 

Selection – Once you choose to enroll in the surrogacy program in Bangalore, as per the pre-defined physical and clinical criteria, Ekmi Fertility will contact a partner bank to assign the most suitable surrogate. 

Tests – We are here to analyze the pregnancy potential based on the scans and blood tests conducted on the surrogate mother. It is ensured that the surrogate mother has no medical conditions or infections. 

Contract – A legally-binding contract typically involves three parties: the couple, the surrogate, and it remains valid throughout the pregnancy. In addition to this contract, you, your partner, the surrogate, and the reproductive bank will sign another agreement. Once both contracts are signed, you will assume complete responsibility for the child, the surrogate mother, and her pregnancy expenses until delivery. According to the surrogacy agreement, the surrogate will forfeit any rights to any children she carries after delivery.

Preparing Uterus – Her uterus will be prepared to transfer the embryo. She will get all the medications to prepare the uterine lining. 

Embryo Transfer – Finally, your husband’s sperm and your eggs will be combined for fertilization in the lab setting. The doctors will transfer the matured eggs into the surrogate’s womb for the procedure. 

cost of surrogacy in Bangalore

If you are wondering whether surrogacy is expensive, you don’t have to worry. We provide all-inclusive treatment packages without any hidden cost. As per the egg donor and the type of surrogacy preferred, the cost of surrogacy in Bangalore varies. Feel free to schedule an appointment to know the actual cost. Surrogacy cost in Bangalore ranges Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 16.5 Lakhs in Bangalore.

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Who should opt for Surrogacy? 

Infertile couples who have tried all treatment procedures and who had some infertility issues cannot be treated also can go for surrogacy. It is best for couples with the following issues – 

  • Couples who have failed several ICSI or IVF cycles 
  • Female partner with severe health problems like depression, heart issues, etc. 
  • Female partner who has a history of miscarriage for three times or more 
  • Women with a weak uterus 
  • Women who have been through hysterectomy surgery 
  • Any condition that makes pregnancy risky or impossible 

Why Should You Choose Ekmi Fertility For The Guaranteed Surrogacy In Bangalore?

We are one of the best surrogacy centres in Bangalore where we help couples to have a surrogate mother to carry their own baby to term. 

Best and Trusted Surrogates – We select all the surrogates carefully who pass our strict fertility criteria. All our surrogate mothers are fit, healthy and young.

Proven Track Record – All our surrogate mothers have experience of delivering at least one child without any complications. We conduct some blood tests and scans to check the pregnancy potential of each surrogate. 

Complete Screening – After selecting a surrogate, we will screen them for infections like hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV, and syphilis. 

Ekmi Fertility is one of the best surrogacy clinics in Bangalore, where we help couples have a child safely and legally. We are here to provide low cost surrogacy treatment without leaving any legality behind before starting the process. 

Our centres have highly specialized gynaecologists to provide the best care and guidance. We help both parents and gestational mothers to ensure a smooth process. Our surrogate mother cost would be reasonable for our clients. We ensure our surrogate mothers – 

Are young and have a positive outlook

Are mentally and physically fine and prepared for the process 

Have prior experience of conceiving a child 

Have a history of normal pregnancy without complications 

Don’t drink or smoke 


The easiest way to define surrogacy would be a deal wherein a surrogate mother will lend the uterus to the intending couple who cannot have the baby on their own due to certain medical conditions. The idea and decision to attain surrogacy isn’t an easy one and at Ekmi Fertility we aim at making this journey as comfortable and real for you as possible for an experience that is unmatched and built on trust between you and your surrogate which makes us your ideal surrogacy center in Bangalore, including other places in India like the clinic in Delhi, top surrogacy clinic in Mumbai, etc. At Ekmi Fertility Centre in Bangalore, we offer a guaranteed surrogacy program for surrogacy in Bangalore that takes care of all aspects that come under the process.


Is Surrogacy Right for me? 

Your doctor may recommend opting for a surrogacy program for several potential reasons. If you have received a diagnosis of an unconducive uterus, surrogacy can enhance your chances of achieving pregnancy. Likewise, if you have faced difficulties with implantation in previous attempts, surrogacy provides a safe environment for nurturing an embryo to term. Alternatively, medical or surgical conditions that could pose a risk to your health or life may lead your doctor to suggest surrogacy as a viable option. Additionally, surrogacy is a valid pathway to single parenthood.

What are the risks of surrogacy?

Surrogacy per se does not carry any specific risks. A surrogate is as likely to experience complications during pregnancy and delivery as any other pregnant woman.

Where is the best place for surrogacy? Where do people go for surrogacy? 

Experts say that countries popular with parents for surrogacy arrangements are the US, India, Thailand, Ukraine and Russia. Mexico, Nepal, Poland and Georgia are also among the countries described as possibilities for surrogacy arrangements.

Where can I find a surrogate mother in Bangalore?

Ekmi Fertility can help you find all sorts of support in your surrogacy program with assured live births.

How much does surrogacy cost in Bangalore?

The complete surrogacy package cost in Bangalore ranges between Rs. 4 – 15 lakhs and usually includes: consultation fees for the fertility specialist and doctor and cost of the IVF treatment.

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