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Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

Do you have any estimates for the cost of surrogacy in Bangalore? What if we told you that you could obtain surrogacy treatment at a lower cost without compromising on the quality of care in Bangalore? Yes, you heard it right. We know that your eyes might be tired of searching for the best surrogacy hospital in Bangalore at a reasonable price. For that reason, we are providing you with detailed information regarding surrogacy and its cost is, so that you don’t have to waste your time searching for such clinics anymore.

As we know Investing a huge amount of money can be a mind-boggling step. It can cost sleepless nights and a tiring mind. After all, it is the return of our hard work of years, and surrogacy cost can hurt pockets. Before diving deep into the details of the Surrogacy cost in Bangalore, let’s have a brief knowledge about surrogacy. It will help you in selecting an ideal surrogacy treatment and birth mother.

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What is Surrogacy Process?

Surrogacy is a way of becoming parents for many infertile couples, who have been suffering from a repeated miscarriage, weak uterus, etc.

Chiefly three individuals play a significant role in the entire journey of Surrogacy treatment. Those are a husband, a wife that is an intended couple, and the third one is a surrogate, who carries their baby in her womb for 9 months. The intended mother starts taking fertility medications and drugs to enhance the stimulation of the ovaries, once the ovaries are stimulated, the follicle releases the eggs. Fertility medications stimulate the production of multiple eggs, and a vaginal ultrasound monitors their progress. Once matured eggs are confirmed, a medical procedure retrieves them from the female’s ovaries. Simultaneously, on the same day as the egg retrieval, the male partner provides a semen sample.

Fertilization occurs when eggs and sperm are combined in a petri dish, with sperm penetrating the eggs to achieve fertilization. Once an embryo forms (typically within 2-3 days of fertilization), the gestational surrogate or surrogate mother takes over the subsequent responsibilities. There are numerous policies to choose Surrogate mother by Ekmi Fertility in Bangalore. All the criteria have to be passed by the woman to become a surrogate mother or birth mother.

Become a Parent by Choosing Right Surrogacy Treatment

Surrogacy in Bangalore is of two types- Gestational surrogacy and Traditional surrogacy, and in India only gestational surrogacy is legal.

During Gestational surrogacy, a surrogate carries an embryo (by IVF technique) in her womb till delivery, once delivery happens successfully; the baby is given to the intended couple. Surrogacy charges Bangalore of gestational surrogacy is although not that cheap it’s not that much expensive. Ekmi Fertility is one of the most acceptable ART specialist clinics to provide affordable Surrogacy package to elucidate infertility matter. Besides, if we compare clinics associated with Ekmi Fertility India surrogacy cost in Bangalore with other fertility clinics package of surrogacy in India, we will get to know that this is the only clinic, which offers surrogacy in a cost-effective package.

Surrogacy charge in Bangalore is beyond a shadow of a doubt is less expensive than in other states of India. We won’t say that Surrogacy is not that cheap if compare with other fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, IMSI etc but Surrogacy treatment is the only one in ART technique, which gives infertile couples surety to achieve success. Surrogacy is fulfilled by IVF methodology. In India, Gestational surrogacy is the most acceptable and preferred treatment to elucidate infertility, especially when the women are in danger to give birth.

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Who can opt for Surrogacy?

  • Couples whose multiple-IVF or ICSI cycle has been failed
  • Women who have a severe health issue like heart issue, depression etc.
  • Women with Medical issue with the uterus
  • Females who have repeated miscarriages (3 at a row)
  • Women who have undergone the surgery of hysterectomy
  • Situation that can make pregnancy impossible or risky for the intended mother

How to select an ideal surrogate?

There are several steps to choose a surrogate woman by the ART specialist clinics or agencies. Given below are the major points that intended parents should keep in mind while choosing a surrogate mother.

Age – age plays an important role in any type of fertility treatment. Couples should make sure that the selected birth mother is of at least 21 years.

Health– Physical and mental fitness is also important for giving birth to a healthy child. Make sure that the surrogate doesn’t have any mental or physical illness history. Also, she shouldn’t have any type of STD (sexually transmitted disease) history.

Experience– she should have the experience of giving birth to at least a child. It helps the surrogate to understand what she will go through during the pregnancy period and birth-giving time. It is considerably better if she has been a surrogate mother before.

Surrogacy history – if she was a surrogate before, a history check of her experience is a must. So that couples will be well aware of the surrogate’s emotional state while giving away the child to them.

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How to Choose the Right Agency for Surrogates?

Now a day’s fertilities clinics or hospitals have tie-ups with the agency that provides surrogates for surrogacy treatment. Although the specialist of the center already has done all the necessary research before giving you the details, there are a few points which the intended parents should keep in their mind to be more secure.

Agency experience – Never forget to check the success rate of the agency and the times couples selected their agency for surrogates.

Legal assistance – does the agency assist you in legal work like an agreement between a surrogate and a childless couple? If no then avoid the agency and choose one who provides legal help.

Communication – a good agency will not keep its client hanging. They will keep on communicating with the couple for helping them in finding the ideal surrogate. After finding the right agency will also help the couple in building good relationships with the birth mother. Communication helps in building a healthy relationship between surrogate and biological parent. It helps in creating a family-like bond which is good for the born to be a child.

Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

The surrogacy cost in Bangalore is INR 12 to 20 lakhs. This package covers each step of the procedure for example consultation fee, cost of IVF procedure and associated medical treatment, Legal fees, surrogate charges, antenatal care, etc.

The cost of surrogacy depends on the following given factors:
With the donor’s sperm (if required).
If a donor egg is required.
With a donor embryo (if required).

Our dedicated program counsellors create a personalized payment plan for you based on your convenience and financial capacity. We permit all our intended parents to make payments in easy installments to alleviate their burden.
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Why Choose Ekmifertility For Surrogacy?

  1. Our Guaranteed Surrogacy Package – We give you unlimited attempts until you bring home your bundle of joy. Even if there is a miscarriage in between , we repeat the process for you within the same cost. We offer Guaranteed programs with lowest cost of surrogacy in Bangalore.
  2. Highest clinical success rates – In surrogacy cases , we have a recorded success rate of more than 90% in the very first attempt
  3. Legal Support – As we know the new surrogacy law 2022 has changed how surrogacy is done in India. Our dedicated legal team will take care of all the legalities involved in the process.
  4. Modern Labs with State-of-the-Art Technology to ensure high success rates.
  5. Transparent Pricing – At Ekmi Fertility, we recognize the significance of transparency, and this recognition has earned us the reputation as the most trusted provider of IVF and surrogacy care. Once we finalize your package, with clearly specified inclusions and exclusions, you won’t incur any additional charges for the services outlined in the package.
  6. World-class trained professionals with an experience of more than 25 years.

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