Cost of surrogacy in Agra

Numerous couples who have faced multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles, both emotionally and financially taxing, frequently turn to surrogacy as their ray of hope. We recognize the challenges these couples face and sympathize with their journey. Our experienced team has been a driving force for countless couples worldwide, assisting them in realizing their dreams of parenthood. As evidence to our expertise, we take pride in our remarkable clinical success rate of over 85-90% on the initial attempt. All the while, we remain committed to keeping the cost of surrogacy in Agra as affordable as possible.

Ekmi Fertility, recognized as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Agra, proudly presents our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program. Our program is carefully custom-built to transform your dream of parenthood into a reality. Through this program, we extend to you unlimited attempts until the day you joyfully welcome your long-awaited baby into your loving home.

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Cost of surrogacy in Agra

Cost of surrogacy in Agra is notably more affordable compared to international destinations and other major Indian cities. Typically, the expenses range from 14 to 18 lakhs, with slight variations based on your selected program and centre. Therefore, the cost of surrogacy is influenced by the following key factors:

  • The distinctive medical needs of the intended parents
  • In situations where the use of donor sperm becomes essential
  • In situations requiring the use of donor eggs
  • In cases where the use of donor embryos is necessary

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Let’s explore why surrogacy is costly

Our surrogacy counselors create payment plans prioritizing your comfort and financial well-being, easing the burden with convenient installments. Surrogacy treatment involves various procedures and documentation, including:

  • Egg donor evaluation and compensation: We’ve issued a strict set of standards for the screening and compensation of egg donors.
  • Ovarian stimulation: FSH hormones are employed to promote follicle growth, while transvaginal scans are used to track the progress during the ovarian stimulation phase of the treatment.
  • IVF procedure: The process involves fertilizing an egg with sperm in a lab and nurturing the embryos. We ensure their survival before transferring them to the intended mother’s uterus.
  • Surrogate Mother Screening and Finalization: After conducting medical and psychological assessments, we select the fittest candidate.
  • Embryo Transfer: Elevating the odds of successful conception by selecting and transferring Grade A blastocysts.
  • Medical Assessments: The surrogate mother’s healthcare costs may fluctuate based on her specific needs. These costs encompass:

– Regular prenatal examinations

– Fees associated with surrogate accommodation

– Tailored dietary requirements to meet specific needs

– Supplementary assistance or the presence of a nurse for the surrogate mother

– Prescribed medications and supplements

– Pregnancy clothing essentials

  • Uterine preparation: We prepare the uterine lining using injections and medications while monitoring it with transvaginal scans.
  • Surrogacy Contract and Legal Costs: Surrogacy calls for complex legal aspects, and at Ekmi Fertility, we offer complete legal services necessary for the process. You can be assured that you won’t have to worry about legal guidance, as our legal experts will provide these services:

– Trading over the contract terms

– Informing the parties about their respective rights and responsibilities.

– The legal paperwork involving the surrogate mother and the intended parents

  • Expenses for Medical procedures and delivery: This includes aspects such as choosing an egg or sperm donor and undergoing medical procedures like surgical sperm retrieval. Also, deciding between a Caesarean or normal delivery as part of our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program.

Why choose Ekmi Fertility as you trusted centre

  • Guaranteed Surrogacy Program: Initiating the process once more for you, all at no additional cost, we provide unlimited attempts until you joyfully welcome your baby home successfully. Our commitment is to fulfil your dream of parenthood.
  • Cutting-edge laboratories: Equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities, our laboratories play an important role in achieving our remarkable success rates.
  • Clinical success: Our unparalleled clinical success record speaks for itself, with an exceptional success rate exceeding 90% on the very first attempt.
  • Heights of Expertise: Our experienced professionals bring with them more than 25 years of premium training and hands-on experience.
  • Transparent and Honest Pricing: When you choose Ekmi Fertility, you choose our commitment to clear pricing. Once we’ve established your package with clear inclusions and exclusions, you won’t face any additional fees for the services mentioned in the package. This dedication supports our promise to provide you with the most budget-friendly surrogacy costs in Agra.
  • Complete Legal Support: Following the 2022 surrogacy law amendments, our committed legal team will take charge of all legal aspects of the process. Furthermore, they will guide you in securing a legally binding birth certificate that clearly features the names of the intended parents.

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