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Have you heard of the Best Surrogacy Centre in Ghaziabad? Imagine receiving top-quality surrogacy care in Ghaziabad at a more budget-friendly rate, without compromising on the quality of treatment. Indeed, that’s the reality at Ekmi Fertility. We understand the challenges of finding the best surrogacy centre or top-rated surrogacy specialist in Ghaziabad within a budget. To assist you in your search, we provide complete understanding into surrogacy and its associated costs.

We recognize the importance of finding the right doctor/specialist. Surrogacy can put not only a financial strain but also a significant mental stress. Before we begin a complete study of Surrogacy Treatment in Ghaziabad, let’s first understand the concept of surrogacy.

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What advantages does surrogacy offer?

Many couples choose surrogacy as a way to help in the development of their biological child. Also, often resulting from specific medical conditions or other circumstances. In this arrangement, a surrogate mother selflessly lends her womb to grow the baby on behalf of these couples. Notably, surrogacy becomes especially valuable when the female partner encounters challenges, such as a weakened uterus, a history of miscarriages, previous cancer treatments, or other medical conditions.

Single women dreaming to become mothers also explore the option of surrogacy. Surrogates enter into a formal, consent-based contract, allowing us to maintain strict ethical and moral standards throughout the surrogacy journey. As the Best Surrogacy Centre in Ghaziabad, Ekmi Fertility provides a range of policies for selecting a suitable surrogate mother.

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A guide to surrogacy in Ghaziabad

  • Matching process – Upon entering Ekmi Fertility‘s surrogacy program, we carefully match a surrogate meeting the physical and clinical criteria for a precise and compatible partnership.
  • Complete Evaluations – We start by thoroughly assessing the surrogate mother’s pregnancy potential through complete blood tests and scans. Thus, ensuring she is free from infections and medical conditions for a healthy surrogacy journey.
  • Legal Framework – Signing a legal contract means intended parents assume full responsibility for the child, the surrogate mother, and her pregnancy expenses until delivery. The surrogacy agreement states that the surrogate gives up any rights to children born through the arrangement after delivery.
  • Uterine Preparation – We carefully prepare the surrogate’s uterus with medication to prepare the uterine lining for successful embryo transfer, an important step in our surrogacy process.
  • Embryo Transfer – In our state-of-the-art laboratory, the final stage involves the uniting of sperm and eggs for fertilization. Following successful fertilization, our expert medical team implants the developed embryos into the surrogate’s uterus.

What are the reasons to consider surrogacy?

Opting for surrogacy is often the best choice for couples struggling with infertility, for a number of compelling reasons, such as:

  • Women dealing with medical complications affecting the uterus
  • Females who have undergone a hysterectomy surgery, as it enables them to experience parenthood despite the absence of a uterus.
  • Couples who have encountered repeated failures in IVF or ICSI cycles
  • Women who have faced consecutive miscarriages may find surrogacy to be a hopeful path towards achieving a successful pregnancy and building their family.
  • Cases where pregnancy becomes either unattainable or poses significant risks to the intended mother’s health.
  • Intended mothers struggling with serious health concerns like heart problems or depression. In such cases, surrogacy offers a safer alternative to pregnancy and childbirth.

What makes us the Best Surrogacy Centre in Ghaziabad?

  • Ekmi Fertility proudly holds its position as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Ghaziabad. We are committed to assisting couples in achieving their dream of parenthood within a secure and lawful framework. We remain dedicated to providing affordable surrogacy solutions while carefully sticking to essential legal protocols from the beginning.
  • We have an established highest success rate in Live Birth. We calculate pregnancy potential with complete blood tests and scans. Each of our surrogate mothers carries a verified track record, having safely delivered at least one child without any complications.
  • A thorough Screening of all the candidates is done. After the surrogate selection process, we conduct complete screenings for infections, including hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and other potential health concerns.
  • Only top-quality surrogates are chosen at Ekmi Fertility. Our selection process for surrogates is thorough and strict, with a focus on meeting careful fertility standards. This ensures that the surrogates we choose are not only healthy and fit but also young and ideal candidates for the surrogacy journey.
  • Our top-most priority is to assist couples in securing a surrogate mother to carry their biological child to full term. This commitment is a key factor in our recognition as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Ghaziabad.

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