Best Surrogacy Centre in Baroda

At Ekmi Fertility, we pride ourselves on being an all-rounder and proficient team dedicated to delivering high-quality fertility services and steady support. We specialize in cutting-edge reproductive technologies positioning ourselves as the best surrogacy centre in Baroda. We are forever committed to serving the various needs of our clients.

Our primary commitment is to assist you in realizing your dream of starting a family while keeping risks and costs in control. As a full-service agency, we are renowned for our exceptional success rates and world-class client service. At Ekmi Fertility, we carefully match intended parents with surrogates and egg donors who undergo detailed screening and meet our strict standards.

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What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy comprises a process where the prospective mother does not carry the pregnancy. Instead, a surrogate becomes pregnant and delivers the baby. In vitro fertilization (IVF) allows for the use of either the intended mother’s own eggs or donor eggs. In the IVF process, we collect eggs from the intended mother or an egg donor. Afterwards, we fertilize them with the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm. Lastly, we transfer the resulting embryo into the surrogate mother.

Success rates in surrogacy fluctuate based on the age and quality of the eggs involved. When using the intended mother’s own eggs, the success rate is closely tied to her age. Notably, we attain a clinical pregnancy rate of 80-85% for egg donors, surpassing success rates in numerous other states.

How much does surrogacy cost in Baroda?

Prospective parents planning for surrogacy in Baroda should plan for costs ranging from 5 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs. Our guaranteed surrogacy program is tailored for each individual. In this, we take into account the specific services they require after undergoing medical screening and other assessments. These charges typically include the surrogate mother’s fees, as well as the expenses related to IVF and fertility treatments.

We recognize your desire to protect both your emotional well-being and financial investments throughout this sensitive journey. We take pride in offering transparency and assurance. During your consultation, you will receive a complete price list that clearly outlines the expenses associated with utilizing a surrogate mother’s services.

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Best surrogacy centre in Baroda

Among our many accomplishments, we are especially proud of our world-class labs, recognized as some of the best in the country. These labs serve all your requirements with state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, we regularly follow a transfer protocol that prioritizes the blastocyst phase. When utilizing donor eggs, our centre guarantees mature eggs for each recipient.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to ensuring that every egg donation recipient receives at least one blastocyst on day 5. In cases involving preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), we have consistently achieved a remarkable 90% success rate for each embryo transfer. Moreover, we guarantee the availability of at least one normal chromosomally matched blastocyst for every egg donation recipient.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program by Ekmi Fertility

Ekmi Fertility is the best surrogacy centre in Baroda. We are firmly dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of couples planning to welcome a baby into their lives. Our centre, supported by cutting-edge technology and a team of respected and experienced specialists, assists in providing world-class surrogacy treatment through our guaranteed surrogacy program.

Our surrogacy team excels in various aspects of the process. We handle sperm and egg donations to embryo fertilization and implantation. We provide exceptional prenatal care, ensuring the well-being of both the surrogate and the unborn child. As part of our commitment, we also enable the necessary legal procedures to establish the baby’s legal connection to you. Our expert legal team assists in the issuance of all the relevant certificates. Our goal is to deliver the joy of a healthy baby into your arms while ensuring a seamless and legally binding process.

We’ve crafted our program to protect you from the often-unforeseen financial challenges that can surface during an egg donation and surrogacy journey. Our all-inclusive plan covers all aspects, including IVF procedures, legal processes and agreements. We also take care of surrogate mother expenses, and any additional charges that specific needs may require.

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