Best Surrogacy doctor in Lucknow

Best Surrogacy Doctor in Lucknow

Ekmi Fertility offers extensive counselling regarding surrogacy with the best surrogacy doctor in Lucknow. This covers everything, from the emotional and psychological consequences to the indicated tests that surrogates must have and insemination options. Family members can also receive extended care from doctors. Today we have achieved guaranteed surrogacy with donor egg for infertile couples …

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Top Surrogacy Doctor in Mumbai

Top Surrogacy doctor in Mumbai

In Mumbai, the best surrogacy doctor facilitates a legal agreement between the surrogate and the intended parents. This agreement states that the intended parents will receive custody of the child upon a successful delivery. In this process, medical professionals extract eggs and sperm from the intended parents, and they subsequently preserve them for fertilization in …

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Best Surrogacy Doctor in Delhi

Top 5 Surrogacy Doctors in Delhi

Delhi has emerged as a popular destination for surrogacy, attracting Indian nationals and foreigners of Indian descent alike. Among several other locations, Delhi hosts some of the finest surrogacy specialists. Gestational surrogacy remains the preferred choice for intended parents. Ekmi Fertility is pleased to introduce the top 5 surrogacy doctors in Delhi. Our legal team …

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