Best Surrogacy Doctor in Hyderabad

For every couple facing Infertility, parenthood is like their dream come true. In such a circumstance, getting treated with the best surrogacy doctors in Hyderabad can be a boon for those dreaming of becoming parents. 

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a legal agreement that is signed between the surrogate and the intended parents. This agreement includes that the child will be allotted to the intended parents after the successful delivery. This process includes the extraction of the egg and sperm from the intended parents which is later kept for fertilization in an advanced lab. After the formation of an embryo, the healthy embryo is then transferred to the uterus of a surrogate to have a pregnancy till term.  

The surrogacy journey is not easy as infertility brings lots of emotional and financial turmoil.  But with the right help, miracles do happen.  Let’s create a baby/miracle for you!!  We are here to help you find the “Best Surrogacy Doctor in Hyderabad With High Success Rate “.

We are certain that all couples deserve to become parents!! Starting a family might not be easy for all, but with the right guidance and support, this is possible for all.  IVF Conceptions help you realize the dream of motherhood. We will walk you through this life-changing journey all the way – step by step.

If you are searching for the best surrogacy doctor in Hyderabad, you are in the right place as we are here to help you with it.

Best Surrogacy Doctor in Hyderabad 

Our dedicated team of doctors, medical professionals and support staff at have had the honour of assisting in the birth of thousands of babies by surrogacy. No matter how hard you have tried, or what you have been through, we are here to support and guide you with every step of life’s most important journey, the creation of your family. 

Cost of Surrogacy in Hyderabad

All the Surrogacy cost packages and IVF available at Ekmi Fertility Centre are worth investing in because of our reasonable and affordable prices. Our prospective intended parents can pay the amount in easy installments; to ease your burden. Loan options are also made available as we connect you to the loan provider if needed.

There are no hidden charges and the surrogacy package cost that is stated at the beginning of the procedure after diagnosis is the only amount to be paid by the intended parents. No additional amount is charged at any stage of the treatment. Complete transparency is maintained between the surrogate, intended parents, and the doctors. The entire team at Ekmi Fertility Centre follows ethical procedures and makes sure the baby is handed over to you legally as soon as it is born.

Why Should You Choose Ekmi Fertility?

Recognized Surrogacy Program in Hyderabad- Ekmi Fertility

The guaranteed  surrogacy program starts from a minimal amount

Best surrogate Mothers for couples

Guaranteed surrogacy program in India with Donor Assisted Reproduction

Surrogates- the product of the world’s advanced medical system

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We are the best surrogacy centre with the budget-friendly surrogacy cost in Hyderabad offering result-oriented surrogacy programs across India. ”Ekmi Fertility” has a long history of assisting generate families through surrogacy. We’ve dedicated specialist nurses who can direct intended parent(s) and host surrogates through the treatment procedure and the associated screening and counseling required. We can also assist with where to look for legal advice throughout the several stages of the process. The Surrogacy Cost in Hyderabad ranges from Rs. 11,00,000 into Rs. 15,00,000. If You’re also Looking for the Best surrogacy centre in Hyderabad, here is the right spot to find the best Surrogacy doctor with high Success Rates and at affordable costs.


Who can opt for surrogacy and who cannot?

Women who have an absence of uterus by birth but functioning ovaries

Women with medical disorders e.g. uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, renal disorder, psychiatric illness or any other illness which can worsen during pregnancy

Recurrent pregnancy loss

Recurrent implantation failure

ART bill 2010 suggests that no ART clinic shall consider conception by surrogacy for patients for whom it would be normally possible to carry baby till term.

Who can be a surrogate?

Any healthy married woman aged between 21-35 years, who has delivered at least one healthy child, can offer to be a surrogate. Known surrogates are also allowed.

How does it work?

Once a couple is advised and decides to go for surrogacy, Govt recognized ART bank is contacted for a healthy & reliable surrogate. Surrogate is screened for all possible medical disorders & infections. Her uterine lining is prepared by giving hormones and embryo’s are transferred once uterus is prepared, most often by 15-20 day of cycle. She is given medicines for 16 days to support pregnancy and then pregnancy test is done.

What is the chance of having a baby with surrogacy?

Chances of conception is increasingly high with surrogacy, provided the gametes are healthy. We have been successfully able to achieve this target year after year.

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