Best Surrogacy Doctor in Bangalore

Do you know who is the best surrogacy doctor in Bangalore? What if we tell you that you can get the best surrogacy doctor at a lesser cost without compromising on the quality of surrogacy treatment in Bangalore. Yes, you heard it right. We know that your eyes might be tired of searching for the best surrogacy hospital or the top surrogacy doctor/specialist in Bangalore at a reasonable rate. For that reason, we are providing you with detailed information regarding surrogacy, it’s doctors and its cost.

As we know that finding the right doctor/specialist is all that is required for any complications. It can cost sleepless nights and a tiring mind. After all, it is the return of our hard work of years and surrogacy cost can hurt pockets. Before diving deep into the details of the Surrogacy cost in Bangalore, let’s have a brief knowledge about surrogacy. It will help you in selecting an ideal surrogacy treatment and birth mother.

Best Surrogacy Doctor in Bangalore

At Ekmi Fertility we value our patients, just like our loved ones. Taking care of their fertility concerns is of prime importance to us.

Ekmi Fertility is one of the best IVF Surrogacy Centre in India. We offer moral, emotional, ethical, and state-of-the-art technical support to couples seeking a solution to realize their dream of starting a family. All this while minimizing the cost of surrogacy in India. We provide personal service and assistance to each and every intended parent from a wealth of resources.

Our centre is dedicated to providing the guaranteed surrogacy package to couples with complete success. we provide the best surrogacy Doctors in Bangalore who are highly qualified.

What is Surrogacy?

Due to a particular medical condition or other reasons, many couples opt for a surrogate mother to grow their biological child. She lends her womb to raise a baby for the couples. Surrogacy is especially helpful when the female partner has a history of miscarriage, cancer treatment, a weak uterus or any severe medical condition.

Surrogacy is also preferred by women who wish to become single mothers. At Ekmi Fertility, we conduct all surrogacy procedures strictly in an ethical and upright manner. A surrogate duly signs a contract and consent in the beginning with us.

Fertilization takes place by keeping eggs and sperms altogether in the petri dish, penetration of the sperms into the eggs lead to fertilization. Once the embryo is formed, from there, the entire role is covered by the gestational surrogate or surrogate mother. There are numerous policies to choose Surrogate mother by Ekmi Fertility in Bangalore. All the criteria have to be passed by the woman to become a surrogate mother or birth mother.

What are the Steps included in Surrogacy Procedure?

Here are the steps involved in the whole procedure –

Selection – Once you enter the surrogacy program, Ekmi Fertility will assign the most suitable surrogate as per the pre-defined physical and clinical criteria.
Tests – We analyze the pregnancy potential as per the blood tests and scans conducted on the surrogate mother. Make sure the surrogate mother has no infections and medical conditions.
Contract – A legally-binding contract involves three individuals: the couple, the surrogate, and it remains valid throughout the pregnancy. In addition to this contract, you and your partner will sign another agreement along with the reproductive bank and the surrogate. Once contracts are signed, you will assume complete responsibility for the child, surrogate mother, and her pregnancy expenses until delivery. According to the surrogacy agreement, the surrogate will no longer possess any rights over any children she carries after delivery.
Preparing Uterus – We will prepare her uterus for the embryo transfer by providing all the necessary medications to enhance the uterine lining.
Embryo Transfer – In the lab setting, the doctors will combine your husband’s sperm and your eggs for fertilization. Subsequently, they will transfer the matured eggs into the surrogate’s womb during the procedure.

Who can opt for Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the process, which is used by those couples who have lost all hopes of carrying a baby in their arms. Surrogacy treatment is the best solution for –

Couples whose multiple-IVF or ICSI cycle has been failed
Women who have a severe health issue like heart issue, depression etc.
Females with Medical issue with the uterus
Women who have repeated miscarriages (3 at a row)
Women who have undergone the surgery of hysterectomy
Situation that can make pregnancy impossible or risky for the intended mother

Why Should You Choose Ekmi Fertility for Surrogacy?

We are one of the best surrogacy hospitals where we help couples to have a surrogate mother to carry their own baby to term.

Best and Trusted Surrogates – We select all the surrogates carefully who pass our strict fertility criteria. All our surrogate mothers are fit, healthy, and young.
Proven Track Record – All our surrogate mothers have experience of delivering at least one child without any complications. We conduct some blood tests and scans to check the pregnancy potential of each surrogate.
Complete Screening – After selecting a surrogate, we will screen them for infections like hepatitis C, hepatitis B, etc.

Ekmi Fertility is one of the best surrogacy clinics in Bangalore, where we help couples have a child safely and legally. We are here to provide low-cost surrogacy treatment without leaving any legality behind before starting the process.

Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

Surrogacy is one of the most effective fertility treatments in ART methodology. It involves a procedure in which a woman, surrogate, carries an embryo for another couple in her womb for a full nine months. Also, the intended couple pays for nourishing food, medicines, and accommodation to ensure the surrogate can deliver a well-conditioned baby.

An agreement, which encompasses everything, is signed before commencing the surrogacy procedure. This agreement is structured in a way that prevents any potential legal complications between the surrogate and the biological parents after the newborn’s birth.

The surrogacy cost in Bangalore is INR 12 to 20 lakhs. This package includes every step of the procedure, such as consultation fees, the cost of the IVF procedure and related medical treatments, legal fees, surrogate charges, and antenatal care.

The Guaranteed Surrogacy Program of Ekmi Fertility is a wonderful package, specifically designed to ensure the gift of parenthood to couples facing infertility.

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