Best Surrogacy Doctor in Indore

Best Surrogacy Doctor in Indore

The surrogacy journey is not easy as infertility brings lots of emotional and financial turmoil.  But with the right help, and the best surrogacy doctor in Indore and other places, miracles do happen in India too. In this article, we will throw some light on “Best Surrogacy Doctor in Indore with High Success Rate “.

We are certain that all couples deserve to become parents!! Starting a family might not be easy for all, but with the right guidance and support, this is possible for all.  Ekmi Fertility help you realize the dream of motherhood. We will walk you through this life-changing journey all the way – step by step.

If you are searching for the best surrogacy doctor in Indore, you are in the right place as we are here to help you with it.

Best Surrogacy Specialist in Indore – Dr Gajendra Tomar

Dr. Gajendra Tomar obtained his MBBS degree from MGM College and DAVV University, Indore, India.

He then went on to complete his postgraduate degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2003 from Surat, where he was awarded the South Gujarat University Gold Medal for his exemplary academic performances.

In 2005, Dr. Tomar pursued additional training in England and earned Membership in the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, also known as MRCOG. After completing his post-graduation, he served in various hospitals in both India and the United Kingdom, including Nobles Hospital, Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester, and Leighton Hospital in Crewe.

In 2008, Dr. Tomar returned to India and joined CHL Hospitals, Indore as a full-time consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Also, he started working in the area of Infertility and reproductive medicine and has continued to do so since then. Currently, Dr. Tomar heads CHL Indore Infertility Clinic at CHL Hospital, Indore (MP) India, and his main goal is to make fertility treatment safer, simpler, and more affordable.

Cost of Surrogacy in Indore

Opting for the surrogacy cost packages and IVF services provided by Ekmi Fertility proves to be a wise investment. All thanks to our exceptionally competitive and budget-friendly rates. We also help prospective parents by offering the flexibility to make payments in manageable instalments. Thus, removing any financial burden of theirs’s. Moreover, should you require it, we can establish a connection with a reputable loan provider to help in the financing process.

Also, the cost stated at the beginning of the procedure after diagnosis is the sole amount intended parents must pay. We do not apply any hidden charges, and also no extra fees are applied at any point during the treatment. The entire team at Ekmi Fertility Centre sticks to ethical procedures and guarantees full transparency. Once the baby is born, we promptly help in its legal handover to you.

Cost of surrogacy in Indore changes from clinic to clinic. We provide you with complete information for the surrogacy treatment, including fees and cost of the process. This also includes surrogate mom, medications, legal formalities, and other conditions. You can find here the ideal and best surrogacy specialists in Indore, offering surrogacy at an affordable cost. The cost of surrogacy in Indore depends on various factors, including the patient’s medical history, clinic’s reputation, expertise of the doctor and the quality of medications and drugs used. However, our specialized team has conducted extensive research to transform this process into a brand-new chapter in a couple’s life. Therefore, we manage all legal formalities and provide the best-matched surrogate mother to ensure a smooth experience.

Why Should You Choose Ekmi Fertility?

Recognized Surrogacy Program in Indore- Ekmi Fertility

The guaranteed  surrogacy program starts from a minimal amount

Best surrogate Mothers for couples

Guaranteed surrogacy program in India with Donor Assisted Reproduction

Surrogates- the product of the world’s advanced medical system

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We are the best surrogacy centre with the budget-friendly surrogacy cost in Indore / ethical IVF clinic offering result-oriented surrogacy programs across India. ”Ekmi Fertility” has a long history of assisting generate families through surrogacy. We’ve dedicated specialist nurses who can direct intended parent(s) and host surrogates through the treatment procedure and the associated screening and counseling required. We can also assist with where to look for legal advice throughout the several stages of the process. The Surrogacy Cost in Indore ranges from Rs. 11,00,000 into Rs. 15,00,000. If You’re Looking for the Best surrogacy centre with the right surrogacy cost in Indore, here is the right spot to find the best Surrogacy clinic with high Success Rates and In affordable costs.

Ekmi Fertility is one of the best centre with the best surrogacy doctor in Indore.

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