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India’s recent Surrogacy Law permits altruistic surrogacy, providing a ray of hope for couples tired from other fertility treatments. This law allows women to offer selfless assistance without financial compensation, offering a new hope for family creation. Ekmi Fertility, known as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Punjabi Bagh, claims a large pool of surrogate mothers eager to assist in realizing your family dreams. We promise unlimited attempts until your loving bundle of joy is welcomed into your home. Also, our dedicated legal support team expertly manages all legal parts, ensuring a smooth journey to parenthood. Trust Ekmi Fertility to guide you with kindness and expertise, ensuring a fulfilling and stress-free path towards building your family. With our dedicated commitment to excellence, rest assured that your journey to parenthood is in capable hands.

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Cost of surrogacy in Punjabi Bagh

Punjabi Bagh has emerged as a leading centre for surrogacy, claiming cutting-edge IVF technology and top-class medical facilities. Within this field, Ekmi Fertility stands out as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Punjabi Bagh. Surrogacy treatment costs in Delhi NCR typically range from Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs. For intended parents lacking a surrogate, Ekmi Fertility offers all-inclusive assistance, using it’s vast pool of willing surrogates. With our expertise and resources, we guide intended parents through every stage of the surrogacy journey, ensuring a smooth and supportive experience. Trust Ekmi Fertility to deliver personalized care and professional guidance as you go on this huge journey towards parenthood in Punjabi Bagh.

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Why surrogacy is costly in Punjabi Bagh?

In Punjabi Bagh, surrogacy treatments range from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs. Meanwhile, Ekmi Fertility helps with surrogate arrangements, claiming a large pool of surrogates. Costs also vary based on individual circumstances. Our program covers various procedures, providing necessary support to couples facing infertility challenges, ensuring a complete and personalized approach to their journey.

  • Egg donor screening and compensation – At Ekmi Fertility, we have established a carefully designed donor obtaining criteria for egg donor screening and compensation.
  • Ovarian stimulation of egg donor – FSH hormones stimulate the growth of follicles, and transvaginal scans monitor the progress during ovarian stimulation of the egg donor.
  • IVF Treatment – The IVF process involves fertilization and the culture of blastocysts.
  • Surrogate Mother Screening and Finalization After conducting medical and psychological assessments, we select the fittest candidate during surrogate mother screening and finalization.
  • Embryo transfer – We increase the chances of conception by transferring Grade A blastocysts.
  • Medical check-ups – Care for the surrogate mother may involve varying expenses depending on necessity. Some of the expenses include:

– Routine antenatal checkups

– Surrogate home charges

– Any special diet according to needs

– Additional help or nurse for the surrogate mother

– Medication and supplements

– Maternity attire

  • Uterine stimulation of surrogate mother – To stimulate the surrogate mother’s uterus, we prepare the uterine lining using injections and medications while monitoring it with transvaginal scans.
  • Surrogacy Agreement & Cost for Legal Formalities Surrogacy involves major legal work, but at Ekmi Fertility, we provide complete legal services for surrogacy. Our dedicated legal advisors handle all these legal parts. Thus, ensuring you don’t need to worry about advice or documentation.

– Negotiation of contracts

– Making the parties aware about their rights and obligations

– Legal documentation between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

  • Expenses for Medical procedures and delivery This includes donor selection, medical procedures, and delivery options. Our multiple IVF cycle program is part of our guaranteed surrogacy program.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program by Ekmi Fertility

Gone are the days when surrogacy was highly complicated. At Ekmi Fertility, we ensure a smooth journey by managing medical consultations, procedures, surrogate matching, routine check-ups, and legal documentation all in one place. Additionally, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to become a parent, so we customize our surrogacy and egg donation programs to meet your specific needs. With an improved success rate in live births, our clinics and experienced staff provide the support and guidance necessary for a successful IVF and surrogacy journey. Thus, we work to make the path to parenthood as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We operate as a comprehensive surrogacy and egg donation centre, offering a wide range of services to our patients. This includes coordinating the entire surrogacy journey, providing legal and accounting support, and assisting in bringing you and your baby home. Ekmi Fertility delivers top-notch services, with a high IVF success rate and a low rate of multiple births.

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