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Ekmi Fertility, the Best Surrogacy Centre in Bareilly, proudly offers a wide range of surrogate mothers dedicated to assisting you in realizing your parenthood dreams. We continuously work towards ensuring your happiness as you hold your newborn in your arms, thanks to our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program. In surrogacy, a chosen woman carries and delivers your child, and you assume parenthood once the baby is born.

This setup may involve mutually established financial compensation or conditions. The recent enactment of the 2022 Surrogacy Law has brought about significant changes. As a result, couples must now acquire a court-issued eligibility certificate to begin their surrogacy journey. Our skilled clinical and legal experts collaborate closely to comprehensively evaluate each case, providing invaluable guidance throughout the process.

To receive a free legal consultation or assess your eligibility, reach out to us at 8448841271

We are COVID free

We maintain a strict commitment to sanitation and ensure a COVID-free environment at our clinic, which is renowned as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Bareilly. In order to protect our surrogates, we firmly forbid any visitors from accessing the surrogate home facilities. This precautionary measure assures your safety and well-being.

Reasons behind costly surrogacy in Bareilly

In Bareilly, surrogacy treatments range from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs. Additionally, if intended parents do not have a surrogate, we also handle that aspect. Therefore, Ekmi Fertility maintains a substantial pool of surrogate candidates, ensuring assistance for prospective parents. Additionally, the treatment package includes:

  • Egg donor screening – At Ekmi Fertility, we have established a highly effective donor acquisition criteria for screening and compensating egg donors.
  • Ovarian stimulation – We use FSH hormones to stimulate the growth of follicles and monitor the progress through transvaginal scans during the ovarian stimulation of the egg donor.
  • IVF treatment – The IVF process includes fertilization and blastocyst culture.
  • Surrogate mother screening – After conducting medical and psychological assessments, we choose the fittest candidate for the surrogate mother role.
  • Embryo transfer – We perform embryo transfers using Grade A blastocysts to increase the likelihood of conception.
  • Care of the surrogate mother – The expenses for the surrogate mother’s care may vary based on necessities such as routine antenatal check-ups, surrogate home charges, a specialized diet, medication, supplements, and maternity attire. These costs are determined according to the specific needs of the surrogate mother.
  • Uterine stimulation – We prepare the uterine lining of the surrogate mother using injections and medications, and we monitor it through transvaginal scans.
  • Legal formalities – In addition, Ekmi Fertility provides complete legal services essential for surrogacy. Our legal advisors handle tasks such as contract negotiations and informing all parties of their rights and obligations. Also, preparing legal documentation between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.
  • Medical procedures – The expenses for medical procedures and delivery, such as those for egg or sperm donors and the associated medical processes like surgical sperm retrieval and others, are covered. We also offer a multiple IVF cycle program as part of our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program, whether it’s a caesarean or a normal delivery.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program by Ekmi Fertility

As an all-inclusive hub for surrogacy and egg donation, we offer our patients a wide range of services. These services encompass journey coordination, strong legal and financial support, as well as assistance in safely bringing you and your newborn back home.

As a result, Ekmi Fertility has gained acclaim for its unparalleled services and proudly holds the title of the Best Surrogacy Centre in Bareilly. Our establishment proudly boasts an exceptional IVF success rate while keeping the incidence of multiple births to a minimum.

We believe parenthood should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we customize our surrogacy and egg donation programs to meet your specific needs. As a leading and successful surrogacy provider, we have a remarkable live birth success rate. Our expert staff offers the support and expertise needed for a successful IVF and surrogacy journey. At Ekmi Fertility, we smoothen the treatment process by handling everything in one place, from medical consultations and procedures to surrogate selection, regular check-ups, and legal documentation.

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