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Surrogacy is an excellent option for childless couples who wish to have their biological child but are carried and delivered by another woman. Although adoption is a good option, the pleasure of having their child through surrogacy presents an intense feeling of happiness to couples. In India, surrogacy is allowed under a strict legal framework. Ekmi Fertility is the best surrogacy centre in Pune, ensuring all the statutory rules and regulations are conformed with.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the legal arrangement between a woman and a childless couple or single parent to carry and deliver a baby of their biological genes. The surrogate mother, also known as a gestational carrier, carries the embryo created out of the eggs and sperm retrieved from the couple. Hence the delivered baby belongs biologically and legally to the couple.

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best Surrogacy Centre in Pune?

In the search for parenthood following a series of unsuccessful IVF attempts, surrogacy emerges as a highly sought after alternative. This method involves enlisting a surrogate mother to carry the baby to full term over a period of nine months. The search of an ideal surrogate match proves to be a detailed and demanding undertaking.

Despite the significant moves made in IVF technology over the last few decades, resulting in increased success rates, a certain level of unpredictability persists in nearly every surrogacy arrangement. Even with the remarkable advancements, there remains an element of uncertainty regarding the success. This uncertainty can increase the emotional stress on hopeful parents wishing to realize their dream of becoming parents.

Ekmi Fertility offers Assisted Reproductive techniques (ART) such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, and several other procedures to treat infertility of childless couples. But despite our best efforts, nature gains upper hand on a few occasions and thereby closes the gates of assisted pregnancy. But with a mission to make couples proud parents, we also suggest surrogacy to our patients as a last resort.

A couple may choose surrogacy when all other medical options have been exhausted. For instance, the woman may not be in a position to carry a pregnancy for several reasons:

  • Serious medical problems in mothers that contraindicate pregnancy.
  • Have undergone uterine removal
  • The presence of heart disease that might hinder the pregnancy process and pose serious risk factors.
  • Have experienced repeated and multiple pregnancy losses
  • Presence of genetic defects or physical injuries that make it impossible for the woman to carry the pregnancy.

Again couples resort to surrogacy when all other ART including IVF have failed. Even in the case of single parent, surrogacy seems to be a viable option with the help of a donor.

How Do We Help?

Ekmi Fertility holds the hands of a couple right from the day of initial consultation till the safe delivery of the baby.

  • Initial consultation: The medical staff will discuss all the medical options, legal formalities, and the associated costs of surrogacy in detail during the initial consultation.
  • Screening and selection of surrogate mother: We will screen and select medically fit and compatible surrogate mothers only after conducting a thorough medical examination.
  • Treatment: Our surrogacy clinic in Pune will oversee the complete IVF process and repeat it as needed to confirm the pregnancy.
  • Care During Pregnancy: Surrogate homes will administer essential medical treatments and diagnostic tests during pregnancy to ensure the child’s healthy growth until it is safely delivered at our hospital.

In the past, childless couples had to resort to adoption as the only option. However, with changing scenarios and technological advancements, it is now entirely possible to have your biological child and bring joy into your life through surrogacy. Thanks to the expertise of our specialist doctors at the surrogacy Hospital in Pune, we have witnessed a surge of happiness among couples who welcomed their own surrogacy-born baby.

If you are looking for surrogacy or would like to know more about the medical procedure or legal details, you can always schedule an appointment with us. We are confident of bringing back a smile on your face through your biological child.

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Why Should You Choose Ekmi Fertility?

As the best surrogacy centre in Pune and an ethical IVF clinic, we provide result-oriented surrogacy programs across India. “Ekmi Fertility” has a rich history of helping create families through surrogacy. We can also guide you on where to seek legal advice at various stages of the process. The Surrogacy Cost in Pune ranges from Rs. 11,00,000 into Rs. 15,00,000. If You’re Looking for the Best surrogacy centre in Pune, you are at the right spot.

Cost of surrogacy in Pune, and top clinic in Delhi or places like Kolkata and Mumbai, changes from clinic to clinic. We provide you with comprehensive information for the surrogacy treatment in Pune, including fees and cost of the process, surrogate mom, drugs and medications, legal formalities, and other conditions. You can find here the ideal surrogacy specialists in Pune, offering surrogacy at an affordable cost. The cost of surrogacy in Pune is influenced by several factors, including the patient’s medical history, the clinic’s reputation, the doctors’ expertise, the quality of medications and drugs. However, our specialized team has conducted extensive research to transform this process into a new chapter in a couple’s life. We handle all legal formalities and ensure the best-matched surrogate mother is provided.

“Ekmi Fertility” is one of the leading Indian facilities committed to helping potential parents to embrace the most important bundle of life and joy – A Baby. 

Considering our vast arena of experiences in reproductive medicines and technologies and modern surrogacy cost package, it is one of the best places where you can use all the latest achievements of reproductive medicine. The hospital provides its expertise with a guaranteed success rate in Surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, Gynecology Care, ART, etc.

Bottom Line

Surrogacy stands as one of the most prevalent assisted reproduction techniques for conceiving a child, and it ranks as the preferred and most effective method for achieving parenthood. While multiple infertility treatments exist, surrogacy emerges as the optimal choice. The decision to pursue surrogacy is typically based on the cause of the couple’s infertility, often chosen when the woman has a severe uterine condition or has undergone a uterus removal surgery. In surrogacy, prospective parents enlist the services of a pregnant mother who carries the child for nine months or until the infant reaches maturity. As part of the arrangement, the pregnant mother relinquishes all parental rights and commits to handing over the infant after a successful birth. Surrogacy is unquestionably a demanding and time-consuming process.

Ekmi Fertility, with its highly skilled and proficient staff, including a senior IVF specialist with over ten years of experience, offers couples the best prices for surrogacy and other fertility treatments. Our centres achieve the highest success rates, providing top-notch IVF and surrogacy treatments in Pune, Nashik, Maharashtra, ensuring the utmost satisfaction.

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