Best Surrogacy Centre in Chennai

Best Surrogacy Centre in Chennai

Surrogacy, as a procedure to provide rejoices in the life of an infertile couple, is a process in which a woman and a couple or individual agree to carry and deliver a baby. The best surrogacy centre in Chennai, Hyderabad is a super-speciality centre, under one roof, devoted solely to the management of childlessness. The facility compares well with the best available centre anywhere in the world, in terms of both equipment and personnel.

Sometimes, your infertility diagnosis leads you to consider surrogacy as the only viable option for having a baby. If that is the case, then surrogacy in Chennai may offer the cost-effective solution you seek.

In surrogacy, another woman (a surrogate) carries the couples’ baby to term, making it an increasingly chosen option by women who desire their genetic offspring but are unable to carry a pregnancy to term for any reason.

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Is Surrogacy Right for Me?

As the intended parents, opting for a surrogate to carry your baby can be a challenging and emotional decision. You may also harbour concerns about the process, its intricacies, and the associated medical, legal, and social issues surrounding surrogacy.

Surrogacy may be recommended to you in the following situations:
  • Repeated failed cycles of IVF with no apparent reason
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • Physical problems with your womb
  • You have had a hysterectomy
  • Severe uterine infection
  • Any genetic or medical problems that prevent you from carrying a pregnancy to term

While there are various reasons for IVF failure, you may encounter an issue with egg quality. It’s crucial to discuss this carefully with the IVF specialist in Chennai to determine the most suitable treatment for you.

However, please understand that surrogacy is not a luxury. It is strictly offered only to women, who cannot carry their baby because of medical, psychological, genetic, or any other reasons. Ekmi Fertility, also known as one of the best surrogacy centers in Chennai, is here to help you!

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In Chennai?

Intended parents should budget for a Surrogacy Cost in Chennai starts from 5 Lakhs. Our guaranteed surrogacy package prices vary from person to person based on the services availed by them after their medical screening and other details. Usually, some charges include the surrogate mother fees, as well as the costs of IVF and fertility treatments.

We understand that you want to protect your emotional and financial investments. We are happy to provide transparency and security during this delicate journey.

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How much does Gestational Surrogacy Cost in Chennai?

Surrogacy in South India is relatively lower priced. On average, the total cost of surrogacy in Chennai, complete with all medical expenses and surrogacy fees starts from INR 4 Lakhs.

Although it may seem like a big expense, however, when you consider all her care and expenses for the 9-month pregnancy, the cost seems fair.

To make this easier for you financially, this can be paid in installments, with even low-cost or Zero-Cost EMI divided up throughout the process.  

However, you can also cut down on the costs of surrogacy by hiring your own surrogate. It is also important to ensure that they fully understand the terms of the arrangement. 

Factors that can Affect the Cost of Surrogacy

Surrogacy costs fluctuate significantly and result from various influencing factors. Several variables significantly impact treatment expenses. The method of treatment chosen affects the cost of a surrogate mother, with plans ranging from traditional to advanced.

Advanced techniques are pricier due to their utilization of high-quality technology compared to conventional methods. Additionally, the cost of a surrogate mother is determined by the care system selected, with options ranging from traditional to advanced plans.

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How Surrogacy is Carried out at the Best Surrogacy Centre in Chennai?

The most preferred surrogacy option among parents in Chennai is gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, the infant has no biological relation to the surrogate mother. Instead, embryos are created through in vitro fertilization. Herein, we use an egg from the mother or a donor and sperm from the father or another donor. Following fertilization in the laboratory, the resulting embryo is then transferred to a surrogate mother.

How much a Surrogate Mother’s Cost in Chennai city?

Surrogacy is much cheaper in Chennai than anywhere else in the world, so the cost of a low cost surrogate mother in chennai is considered to be very affordable.

The average cost of a surrogate mother in Chennai is estimated to start from INR Rs. 4,00,000. Additional services such as surrogate mother selection, blood tests, and surrogate mother preparation cost about Rs. 100,000. 

An alternative home will cost up to Rs. 3,000,000, including groceries for a surrogate. You may also pay Rs. 40,000 for post-pregnancy aid, which includes medication and protein.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Chennai?

The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016 for India highlights many of the regulations surrounding surrogacy in India.

Intending parents must be Indian citizens, who have been legally married for at least five years and should not have any other children, whether biological or adopted.

These regulations are subject to change, however these are the current guidelines.

How do I Choose a Surrogacy Clinic?

With so many surrogacy clinics in Chennai to choose from, how do you make the decision of which one to go to? That is something that we can help you with, we can discuss your requirements carefully with you and connect you with our trusted doctor.

In collaboration with the Best Surrogate Home Care Agencies

At, Ekmi Fertility we have collaboration with some of the best surrogate home care agencies, that provide fully furnished amenities and accommodation, and thus prove ourselves to be the best surrogacy center in Chennai. They provide nutritious food to surrogate mothers, regular medical care, and antenatal care with Tests, Scanning, and medicines.

These agencies also ensure to maintain hygienic premises. So far, our clients span across India – who come from different states, language. culture and ethnicity.

Over 50,000 Successful Surrogacies & 100+ Specialists

With over 50,000 successful surrogacies and more than 100 IVF surrogacy specialists, Ekmi Fertility has journeyed a long way, and we continue to strive for thousands of our parents who dream to have their children. Ekmi Fertility prides itself on being the most successful surrogacy centre in Mumbai, with one of the top surrogacy centre in Delhi and all over India. Our centres have the highest IVF and surrogacy success rates.

We honestly say – we are there with you at every step and we are a source of trust and reliability. We work for your parental dream and mission with values. Get complete Surrogacy details including clinic fees, Dr. Fees, and Surrogate costs / Price. Ekmi Fertility is there to answer all of your questions.

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