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In the darkest times, help often comes from unexpected sources. Surrogacy, which has brought new hopes to childless couples, faced a significant shake-up with recent laws affecting surrogacy clinics/hospitals in Ahmedabad and across India. Ekmi Fertility will keep you updated on the latest legalities as we are the best surrogacy centre in Ahmedabad. Our top surrogacy team, comprising experienced and expert embryologists, gynaecologists, counsellors, and fertility/IVF specialists, is ready to guide you. Ahmedabad, known for its scenic beauty and thriving industries, places a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction and maintaining affordability, making it a key focus area for healthcare providers.

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We Are Covid Free

We ensure the best surrogacy centre in Ahmedabad is sanitized and COVID-free for your protection. To prevent exposure of surrogates, we do not allow visitors inside the surrogate home facilities.

Cost Of Surrogacy In Ahmedabad

The Cost of surrogacy treatments in Ahmedabad ranges from Rs.4 lakhs to Rs. 13 lakhs. If the intended parents don’t have a surrogate, we will take care of it as well. Ekmi Fertility has a large pool of surrogates who are willing to help the intended parents

When is Surrogacy an Option?

Fertility challenges bother a woman, retarding her ability to conceive. Despite undergoing treatments, she remains unable to carry a baby due to factors like an absent or abnormal uterus. Simultaneously, a man’s low sperm count and poor-quality stand in the way of pregnancy. Their deep desire for parenthood pushes them forward. In this scenario, surrogacy becomes their only option. Supported by a legal agreement, surrogacy involves a woman carrying a baby for the intended couple, under specific terms. It represents the most reliable, trusted, and secure course of action to realize their dream of becoming parents.

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Who Can Opt For Surrogacy in Ahmedabad?

  • Lack of a womb or a womb that would not carry a baby to term.
  • Infertility Issues: His, Hers, Or Both.
  • Severe medical condition.
  • Miscarriages in the past.

At Ekmi Fertility, we help conduct the medical procedures needed for surrogacy and provide you and your surrogate with the medically appropriate contact and coordination. Those interested in surrogacy at Ekmi Fertility are requested to call us at 8448841271 or email us at and we can guide you through all the processes with professional ease and accuracy.

Process Overview – Surrogates Screening 

  • Verification: The surrogate mother must include all original records about her identity, age, address, marital status, husband’s name, gestational parity, children, and so on. The surrogate mother will undergo a background check at the same time.
  • Medical: The surrogate mother is subjected to inquiries (surrogate screening tests) as directed to be accepted into our surrogacy program. Medical therapy is provided to clarify the anticipated and unintended pregnancy complications.
  • Contractually: The lawyer personally outlines the child’s interests, contractual commitments, and the consequences of failure to fulfill any clause in the vocabulary that she and her husband understand. 
  • Financial: Financial terms, pay-out plan, incentive payables, and commitments, if any, are all explained by the financial staff. We make certain that the financial agreement is outlined to her satisfaction and signed off on in a way that is satisfactory to all parties.
  • Psychological: Surrogate mothers are psychologically evaluated by a counselor to determine their emotional preparedness, contribution to the initiative, and any associated past traumas.

Benefits of Surrogacy in Ahmedabad at Ekmi Fertility

  • High rate of success.
  • Medical Facilities of the Highest Standard.
  • Practices that are both ethical and well-known.
  • There are a variety of excellent tested egg donors available.
  • A large number of caring surrogate mothers are available to assist.
  • We listen to our intended parents and respond to their wishes.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Throughout the procedure, legal arrangements and counseling are provided.
  • A full spectrum of fertility treatments with the highest success rate possible.

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How long can the surrogacy procedure take?

The entire procedure typically spans 15-18 months, starting from the initiation of the process until the birth of the child. This duration includes not only the 9 months of pregnancy but also doctor’s appointments, IVF cycles, and initial assessments.

Will I be called the biological parent of my child?

In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate just acts as a carrier for the intended parents and on arrival will hand over the child to the intended parents and will relinquish all her rights to the child via legal surrogacy agreements.

Can I undertake surrogacy as a single parent or same-sex couple?

Yes, of course, Single parents along with same-sex couples can pursue surrogacy through IVF. You may either bring your own egg donor or use an egg donor from our massive database of egg donors from different parts of the world. There are lots of reputed agencies which may enable the intended parent to find a surrogate mother that can take their pregnancy.

How do i start my surrogacy journey with Ekmi Fertility?

With Ekmi Fertility your surrogacy journey will begin with a free consultation with our fertility expert and experienced Doctor. We are one of the best surrogacy centre in Ahmedabad, along with other top surrogacy centres in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.. Our experts will discuss and know about your concern in our program and let you know about our program offer and help you to understand the surrogacy process. We will also know about your experience, your infertility issues, History background about any fertility issues. Also answers all your questions. We are confidential, we keep all your shared information private. However, all our processes are transparent. 

“Ekmi Fertility” is happy to offer a guaranteed surrogacy program service to intending parents.

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