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In the modern era, infertile couples are presented with a remarkable opportunity to welcome biological parenthood through the practice of surrogacy. This innovative method helped those who yearn to experience the joys of raising their own biological child. Within the boundaries of a powerful legal framework, India has emerged as a welcoming hub for surrogacy. At the forefront of this journey, Ekmi Fertility proudly distinguishes itself as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Jor Bagh. We are unwaveringly committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and practices.

At Ekmi Fertility, we offer a large-scale range of services carefully tailored to cater to your unique requirements and desires. Our approach places each and every one of our valued patients in the highest regard. Through our innovative Guaranteed Surrogacy Package, you can confidently dream about your newborn in your loving arms as you prepare to return home.

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What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy offers a pathway for individuals or couples struggling with the complexities of fertility. Yet, this journey demands a grasp of the process, coupled with expert guidance. A complete understanding of the surrogacy journey is a must for everyone in the equation. This includes prospective parents, surrogate mother, and the dedicated medical professionals. At Ekmi Fertility, our skilled experts have an experience of more than 25 years.

Many people nowadays face loads of circumstances that prevent them from personally conceiving. These individuals often turn to the surrogacy procedure as their solution. In this journey, a surrogate mother willingly enters into a legal agreement to provide her womb as the nurturing cradle for the birth of a child. All the while, offering hope to couples who dream for parenthood but are unable to conceive naturally.

Through a medical process, the eggs and sperm of the prospective parents are united through IVF treatment giving rise to a young embryo. Subsequently, this growing life is carefully introduced into the surrogate mother’s womb by our skilled medical team. Herein, the developing foetus grows and matures in the optimal environment until it reaches the full term of pregnancy.

Cost of surrogacy in Jor Bagh

We understand that cost considerations can be a significant factor when thinking about surrogacy. At Ekmi Fertility, we’ve got your financial concerns covered. While surrogacy expenses in Jor Bagh can range from Rs. 4 Lakhs to Rs. 18 Lakhs, we offer a personally tailored, all-inclusive treatment package. Our commitment to transparency and a strict no-hidden-charges policy distinguishes us as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Jor Bagh. However, it must be noted that the cost of surrogacy can fluctuate based on factors such as your preferences for an egg donor or the specific type of surrogacy you choose.

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Guaranteed surrogacy program by Ekmi Fertility

As the Best Surrogacy Centre in Jor Bagh, we are delighted to present our exclusive Guaranteed Surrogacy Package. You have access to a complete range of services that include:

  • Egg Donor Screening and Compensation
  • Ovarian Stimulation of Egg Donor
  • IVF process
  • Screening and Selection of Surrogate Mothers
  • Embryo transfer
  • Medical examinations
  • Stimulating the Surrogate Mother’s Uterine Lining
  • Surrogacy Agreement and Legal Formalities
  • Medical Procedures and Delivery Costs

Why choose Ekmi Fertility for surrogacy in Jor Bagh

Our unshakeable dedication is to grant every individual the chance to embrace the joy of parenthood. Our seasoned team and cutting-edge surrogacy clinic offer invaluable guidance for a successful IVF and surrogacy journey. We carefully customize our surrogate and egg donation programs to align with your unique needs. Thereby significantly enhancing our track record in accomplishing the happy outcome of Live Births.

Additionally, as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Jor Bagh, we function as an all-covering centre, offering a diverse spectrum of services. Ekmi Fertility is strictly committed to providing outstanding services marked by an exceptional IVF success rate and a low incidence of multiple births. Our complete services include seamless journey coordination, expert legal and accounting support, and expert facilitation for your journey back home, cradling your newborn in your loving arms.

Ekmi Fertility has brought about a new era in which surrogacy no longer appears as a complex procedure. Our dedicated team organizes a seamless treatment journey that includes medical consultations, procedures, and the careful selection of surrogate mother. Moreover, we provide the convenience of regular check-ups and expertly handle legal guidance and documentation, all within a single facility.

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