Cost of Surrogacy in Visakhapatnam

Surrogacy becomes the choice for couples who, despite enduring multiple IVF cycles, find themselves unable to conceive or bring a healthy child into the world. We empathize deeply with the emotional and financial toll that each failed cycle forces upon couples. We also know the cost of surrogacy in Visakhapatnam is not mere pennies. Our experienced team has been transforming the dream of parenthood into a reality for countless couples worldwide. Ekmi Fertility proudly presents the Guaranteed Surrogacy Program, a promise of unlimited attempts until you finally embrace your long-awaited bundle of joy.

The latest Surrogacy Law in India exclusively permits altruistic surrogacy, where women willingly offer assistance without financial compensation, catering to Indian passport holders and individuals of Indian origin (OCI Card holders & NRIs). Ekmi Fertility, renowned as the Best surrogacy centre in Visakhapatnam, boasts an extensive selection of pre-screened surrogate mothers eager to support you in fulfilling your family aspirations.

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Cost of surrogacy in Visakhapatnam

Generally, the expense associated with surrogacy in Visakhapatnam is notably lower when compared to foreign nations and other major metropolitan areas in India. The cost of surrogacy in Visakhapatnam typically falls within the range of 14 to 18 lakhs, depending upon the chosen clinic and program. Several factors influence the overall cost of surrogacy, including the following:

  • The cost of each package can fluctuate based on the specific medical needs of the intended parents and may increase accordingly.
  • Incorporating donor sperm as necessary
  • In instances where it is necessary, the utilization of a donor’s egg becomes a major part of the surrogacy process.
  • When deemed necessary, the incorporation of a donor embryo is an essential aspect of the procedure.

Our committed surrogacy counsellors make personalized payment plans that match with your preferences and financial capabilities. Consequently, all our prospective parents can comfortably settle the costs through convenient instalment payments, removing any financial strain.

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Procedures and their costing in surrogacy

  • Egg Donor Selection and Compensation – At Ekmi Fertility, we have strict criteria for acquiring egg donors.
  • Ovarian Stimulation for Egg Donors – FSH hormones initiate the growth of ovarian follicles.
  • IVF treatment – In the IVF procedure, fertilization and the culture of blastocysts are integral stages.
  • Screening and Selection of Surrogate Mothers – Following complete medical and psychological evaluations, the most suitable candidate is selected.
  • Embryo Transfer – We transfer Grade A blastocysts to maximize the likelihood of successful conception.
  • Medical check-ups and care of the surrogate mother – Some of the expenses are:

– Regular prenatal examinations

– Costs associated with the surrogate’s residence

– Specialized dietary requirements for nutritional needs

– Supplementary assistance or a nurse for the surrogate mother

– Pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements

– Pregnancy clothing options

  • Uterine Preparation for Surrogate Mother – We initiate the development of the uterine lining through injections and medications, closely monitoring its progress via transvaginal scans.
  • Surrogacy contract and fees for legal procedures – At Ekmi Fertility, rest assured, legal advice and documentation are seamlessly managed. Our cost-effective packages guarantee success and affordable surrogacy. Our legal advisors offer the following services: –

– Obtaining the Court’s Eligibility Certificate

– Legitimate negotiations

– Informing parties about their rights and responsibilities

– Legal documentation binding the surrogate mother and intended parents

  • Costs associated with medical procedures and childbirth

– Egg or sperm donation, and the associated medical procedures, such as surgical sperm retrieval.

– Choice between caesarean or vaginal delivery

– Program for multiple IVF cycles

What Sets Ekmi Fertility Apart for Surrogacy?

  • Guaranteed surrogacy program – We provide unlimited attempts until you welcome your precious one home. In the unhappy event of a miscarriage, we repeat the process at no additional cost. Our guaranteed surrogacy packages offers the most affordable surrogacy rates in Visakhapatnam.
  • Exceptional clinical success rates – Our surrogacy cases boast a remarkable clinical success rate, exceeding 90% in the initial try.
  • Legal Assistance – With the recent surrogacy law changes in 2022, our specialized legal team manages all the aspects of the process with expertise and dedication.
  • Cutting-Edge Laboratories – With our state-of-the-art technology we ensure exceptional success rates.
  • Clear and Transparent Pricing – At Ekmi Fertility, we recognize the significance of transparency, solidifying our status as the most trusted IVF and surrogacy care provider. Once your package is confirmed, with clearly outlined inclusions and exclusions, there are no additional costs.
  • Highly skilled experts – Our team comprises exceptionally talented professionals who have sharpened their expertise in their respective fields for over 25 years. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to our practice, making them invaluable assets to our patients.

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