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Couples struggling with infertility can find a remarkable opportunity in surrogacy, where another woman carries and delivers their biological child. While adoption remains a valid option, the special joy of experiencing parenthood through surrogacy brings immense happiness to couples. In India, surrogacy operates within a strict legal framework. Ekmi Fertility, as the best surrogacy centre in Coimbatore is committed to sticking to all the rules and regulations.

Surrogacy involves a legally binding agreement between a woman and a childless couple or single parent. In this arrangement, the woman, known as the surrogate mother, carries and delivers a baby conceived from the genes of the intended parents. The embryo is formed using the eggs and sperm from the couple. This ultimately results in a baby who is both biologically and legally the child of the intended parents.

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Surrogacy in Coimbatore

Surrogacy becomes a highly sought-after option after several unsuccessful IVF cycles. It involves a process where a surrogate mother carries the baby to full term. However, finding the perfectly matched surrogate mother is a difficult task. And in nearly every surrogacy arrangement, there exists a certain degree of unpredictability.

Despite the significant advancements in IVF technology, there remains uncertainty about whether a particular embryo transfer will result in a successful pregnancy. This uncertainty can add stress to intended parents who are eagerly following their dream of parenthood. Although, with an increase in success rates, these dreams are becoming reality day by day. And the best surrogacy centre in Coimbatore is there for you and to help you in completing your journey.

Ekmi Fertility provides a range of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART), including IUI, IVF treatment, ICSI, and various other procedures, to address infertility in couples who desire to have children. However, despite our dedicated efforts, there are instances where assisted pregnancy remains difficult. In our commitment to help couples realize their dream of becoming parents, we also recommend surrogacy as a final option for our patients. Surrogacy can also be a possible option for single parents with the support of a donor.

When all other medical alternatives have been explored, surrogacy becomes a possible choice for couples. This decision may arise when the woman faces various factors that prevent her from carrying a pregnancy, such as:

  • Serious medical conditions in mothers that make pregnancy medically inadvisable.
  • Have undergone removal of uterus 
  • The existence of heart disease can potentially stop the pregnancy process and introduce significant risk factors.
  • Have experienced repeated and multiple pregnancy losses
  • Presence of genetic defects or physical injuries that render it impossible for the woman to carry a pregnancy.

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Why is Ekmi Fertility the best?

As the best surrogacy centre in Coimbatore, we provide effective surrogacy programs all across India. Ekmi Fertility has an impressive track record of helping families expand through surrogacy. We also guide you about all the legal counsels required at various stages of the process.

We offer you all-inclusive information regarding surrogacy treatment in Coimbatore. Herein, we cover details such as fees, surrogate mother expenses, medication and drug costs, legal requirements, and other relevant conditions.

Our dedicated team has conducted thorough research to turn this journey into a new and happy chapter in a couple’s life. We not only take care of all legal requirements but also ensure you are matched with the ideal surrogate mother for your unique situation.

Our vast experience in reproductive medicine, combined with our modern surrogacy cost packages, positions us as one of the finest centres to employ the latest advancements in fertility treatment. Our centre is renowned for its expertise and proudly maintains a guaranteed success rate in surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, gynaecology care, ART, and various other specialties.

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