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Surrogacy is a dynamic process wherein a chosen woman carries and delivers your child, while you receive the child after birth. This arrangement can involve financial compensation or terms agreed upon by both parties. Notably, the recent implementation of the 2022 Surrogacy Law has ushered in transformative changes. As a result, couples now must obtain a court-issued eligibility certificate to initiate a surrogacy journey. Renowned as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Sonipat, Ekmi Fertility boasts an extensive array of surrogate mothers, dedicated to assisting you in realizing your dream of parenthood.

Our adept clinical and legal experts collaborate closely to meticulously evaluate each case, providing valuable guidance throughout. Offering Guaranteed Surrogacy Program, we persistently strive until you joyfully welcome your newborn.

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Guaranteed Surrogacy in Sonipat

At Ekmi Fertility, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art facilities, including advanced laboratories equipped with the latest technology. These resources enable us to provide complete support and ensure the highest standards of care throughout your surrogacy journey. One of the unique features of our program is that we offer couples unlimited attempts for embryo transfer. This means that we will continue to work with you until you successfully welcome your long-awaited baby into your arms. This commitment to dedication sets us apart as a Best Surrogacy Centre in Sonipat.

Ekmi Fertility is dedicated to providing personalized care and support to every individual and couple we work with. Our team understand the emotional and physical challenges that can come with the surrogacy process, and we are here to guide you through every step with compassion and expertise.

We are free from Covid

We sanitize and maintain a COVID-free environment across our clinic, which is recognized as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Sonipat. To prevent surrogate exposure, we do not permit any visitors inside the surrogate home facilities. This measure thus ensures your protection and safety.

Cost of Surrogacy in Sonipat

Surrogacy treatments in Sonipat have a cost range of Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs. However, in cases where intended parents lack a surrogate, we manage that aspect too. Therefore, Ekmi Fertility maintains an extensive pool of surrogates ready to assist intended parents.

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But why is Surrogacy Costly?

  • Egg Donor Screening and Compensation– We at Ekmi fertility have a very well-designed donor acquisition criterion.
  • Ovarian Stimulation of Egg Donor – FSH hormones induce growth of follicles and trans vaginal scans monitor the progress.
  • IVF Process- Involves fertilization and blastocyst culture.
  • Surrogate Mother Screening and Finalization– After medical and psychological assessments the fittest candidate is chosen.
  • Embryo Transfer – We transfer Grade A blastocysts for enhancing the chances of conception.
  • Medical Check-Ups and Care of the Surrogate Mother– Consecutively the expenses may vary according to the necessity. Some of the expenses are:

Routine antenatal check ups

Surrogate home charges

– A special diet according to nutritional needs

Medication and supplements

Maternity attire

Antenatal care

  • Uterine Stimulation of Surrogate mother– Uterine lining is prepared with the help of injections and medicines while transvaginal scans are used for monitoring.
  • Surrogacy Agreement and Cost for Legal Formalities– Additionally, we here at Ekmi Fertility provide the full legal services required for surrogacy. Our legal advisors will provide all these services:

Negotiation of contracts

Making the parties aware about their rights and liabilities

Legal documentation between the surrogate mother and the intended parents

  • Expenses for Medical procedures and delivery

Egg or sperm donor, and consecutively the medical process involved, like surgical sperm retrieval and others.

Multiple IVF cycle program because we provide you a guaranteed plan

Caesarean or normal delivery

Why Ekmi Fertility only?

We hold the belief that parenthood should be accessible to all. Thus, we customize our surrogate and egg donation programs to suit your requirements. Above all, as the leading and highly successful surrogacy platform, boasting an elevated success rate of Live Births, our surrogacy clinic and expert staff offer you all the support and expertise required for a successful IVF and surrogacy expedition.

What’s more, at Ekmi Fertility, our team guarantees for you to have a seamless treatment journey, all at a single place. Starting right from overseeing medical consultations, procedures, surrogate mother selection, to regular check-ups, and legal consultation and documentation.

Operating as a comprehensive surrogacy and egg donation hub, we offer a complete spectrum of services to our patients. This encompasses journey coordination, legal and financial support, as well as helping you in your safe return home with your baby. Ekmi Fertility is renowned for its top-tier services, holding the distinction of being the Best Surrogacy Centre in Sonipat. Our establishment boasts a remarkable IVF success rate while maintaining a minimal rate of multiple births.

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