Cost of surrogacy in Vasant Kunj

Surrogacy is a medical and ethical arrangement that allows couples who are unable to conceive and carry a child on their own, to have a biological child with the help of a surrogate mother. In recent years, Vasant Kunj, a posh locality in South Delhi, India, has become a leading destination for surrogacy due to its world-class medical facilities. However, the cost of surrogacy in Vasant Kunj varies depending on several factors. In this complete guide, Ekmi Fertility will explore these factors and provide an overview of the typical costs involved in surrogacy in Vasant Kunj.

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A small brief on surrogacy

Surrogacy is an arrangement where a woman carries and delivers a child for another individual or couple. Surrogacy can help individuals or couples who are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to have a biological child. It involves medical, legal, and emotional complexities and is followed differently in various countries. This makes it important for those considering surrogacy to understand the laws and procedures in their region. Hence, Ekmi Fertility helps you in understanding all the steps of this journey and holds your hand throughout.

Factors affecting cost of surrogacy in Vasant Kunj

On average, the total cost of surrogacy in Vasant Kunj can range from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs or more. This cost estimate is a rough guideline and can increase significantly if there are complications or specific requirements. Some of the factors are:

  • Medical procedures and testing – The surrogacy process often begins with a series of medical tests and procedures for both the intended parents and the surrogate mother. These include fertility tests, genetic screening, and other medical assessments to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The cost of these tests can vary depending on individual requirements.
  • Surrogate mother’s compensation – One of the important expenses in surrogacy is the compensation provided to the surrogate mother. This compensation typically covers her medical expenses and prenatal care. Various factors, like the complexity of the surrogacy process also plays a major role in deciding the costing.
  • Legal fees – Surrogacy involves complex legal agreements and contracts to protect the rights of all parties involved. Legal fees can vary depending on the complexity of the arrangement and the need for legal representation for both the intended parents and the surrogate.
  • Medical expenses during pregnancy – The surrogate mother’s medical expenses during pregnancy, including prenatal check-ups, hospitalization, and delivery, are typically covered by the intended parents. The cost can vary based on the surrogate’s health and any complications that may arise during pregnancy.
  • Fee charged by agency – Ekmi Fertility is there to help in making the surrogacy process easier for you. We will provide you with services, which include matching intended parents with surrogates, providing legal guidance, and managing the planning of the surrogacy journey.
  • IVF and embryo transfer – In some cases the intended parents require in vitro fertilization (IVF) to create embryos for implantation. Additionally, there are some extra costs associated with IVF treatment, including egg retrieval, sperm collection, and embryo transfer.
  • Travel and accommodation: Many a times, the intended parents are from outside Vasant Kunj or even outside India. In such cases, they will bear travel and accommodation expenses while staying in the city for the duration of the surrogacy process.

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What Makes Ekmi Fertility the Best Surrogacy Centre in Vasant Kunj?

  • Unparalleled excellence – Welcoming the role of a global surrogacy and egg donation hub, Ekmi Fertility provides a complete range of services to our valued patients. This includes careful journey management, and expert legal and financial guidance. Our steady support ensures your safe return home with your precious little one.
  • Seamless Treatment Experience – Gone are the days when surrogacy was a complex process. At Ekmi Fertility, our dedicated team ensures a hassle-free treatment journey. We simplify medical consultations and conduct regular check-ups. From finding suitable surrogate mothers, to offering complete legal consultation and documentation, all is done under one roof.
  • Exceptional Success Rates – Our centre boasts an outstanding IVF success rate and a low incidence of multiple births, strengthening our position as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Vasant Kunj.
  • Complete Legal Assistance – Furthermore, our experienced legal counsellors offer complete legal support. Our team of legal advisors takes care of all necessary documentation throughout the entire process.
  • Financial Assistance – We also recognize the financial challenges that surrogacy can follow. To ease the burden, we provide flexible instalment payment options to support you during the process.

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