Cost of Surrogacy in Nagaland

People often inquire about the cost of surrogacy in Nagaland when they think about this reproductive option. The path to parenthood sometimes goes through lot of challenges, with various forms of infertility affecting some individuals. These challenges can include issues related to egg quality or quantity, potentially stopping the formation of healthy embryos. Sometimes, they may involve situations where the uterus becomes a problem for embryo implantation. When couples find themselves facing one or both of these problems while trying to conceive a child, surrogacy can unexpectedly come as a hopeful promise.

Ekmi Fertility has established itself as one of the best surrogacy centres in Nagaland. We offer a Guaranteed Surrogacy Program that includes unlimited attempts and a dedicated commitment to ensure your successful journey to bringing your baby home. For some couples, surrogacy is the only possible route to parenthood. If you have received an infertility diagnosis with a recommendation for surrogacy, considering this option in Nagaland may provide you with the cost-effective and practical solution you’ve been seeking.

Considering surrogacy due to multiple IVF failures, especially at an advanced age, may lead you to think about the use of donor eggs. IVF failures can result from various factors, with egg quality being a major contributor. Talking about egg quality with your IVF specialist is recommended, as it may be a factor in your IVF failures. This conversation will help you choose the most appropriate treatment for you.

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What is surrogacy?

Increasingly, women who wish to have their child but cannot carry a pregnancy for any reason are turning to surrogacy as an option. In this arrangement, couples utilize surrogacy as a method in which another woman carries their baby to full term. Here, the possibility arises for both of the intended parents to share a genetic connection with the baby. Which is achieved when the intended mother’s egg is fertilized with the intended father’s sperm.

Ekmi Fertility has earned fame for using IVF treatment to create embryos, which we then transfer into the surrogate’s womb. The surrogate carries the pregnancy to full term. As the best surrogacy centre in Nagaland, we take pride in offering couples a cost-effective route to realize their parenthood dreams. Our expertise in assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy helps us to guide couples through this special journey. We recognize the importance of assisting couples in overcoming fertility challenges. Therefore, we remain dedicated to ensuring their successful and fulfilling experience on the journey to become parents.

When to go for surrogacy?

Choosing to employ a surrogate as the intended parents can be a challenging and emotional decision. You may have concerns about the process, including its complications, as well as the related medical, legal, and social issues. You can go for surrogacy if you come under one of these cases:

  • When multiple rounds of IVF have been unsuccessful without any detectable reason
  • When structural issues are affecting your uterus
  • In cases of a severe infection occurring in the uterus
  • When experiencing repeated pregnancy losses
  • If you have genetic or medical conditions that restrict your ability to carry a pregnancy
  • In cases where a hysterectomy, surgical removal of uterus, has been performed

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Cost of surrogacy in Nagaland

At Ekmi Fertility, our dedicated surrogacy counsellors work to create a personalized payment plan that suits you. We help all our intended parents by allowing them to conveniently make payments in instalments, thus easing their financial burden. The cost of surrogacy in Nagaland varies between INR 12 to 20 lakhs, including several factors. This all-inclusive package covers consultation fees and expenses related to the IVF procedure. Also, associated medical treatments, legal fees, antenatal care, and any additional costs. The cost of surrogacy in Nagaland is influenced by the following:

  • The price of each package can vary based on the particular medical needs of the intended parents, potentially resulting in an increase in cost.
  • When required, the use of donor sperm may be necessary
  • In cases of necessity, making use of a donor embryo may be considered
  • If necessary, using a donor egg

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