Cost of Surrogacy in Dhaula Kuan

Surrogacy emerges as the ray of hope for couples who, in the face of many failed IVF attempts, struggle to conceive or ensure the well-being of their future child. We completely understand the huge emotional and financial burdens that accompany each unsuccessful IVF cycle. That is why at Ekmi Fertility, we work tirelessly to offer you the most affordable cost of surrogacy in Dhaula Kuan.

At Ekmi Fertility, our expert team stands as a pillar, tirelessly working to turn the dream of parenthood into a beautiful reality for couples across the globe. We take immense pride in introducing our guaranteed surrogacy program – a commitment that offers unlimited attempts until you finally hold your much-awaited bundle of joy.

With our dedication, we aim to remove the burdens of the journey and bring the priceless gift of parenthood within reach. We also promise renewed hope and boundless opportunities for those in search of their long-awaited happiness.

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Cost of surrogacy in Dhaula Kuan

Surrogacy in Dhaula Kuan stands out as an economically favourable choice, notably more affordable than international options and major cities within India. Typically, the cost of surrogacy in Dhaula Kuan stays in the range of 14 to 18 lakhs, depending upon the clinic and program selected. Many factors show their influence over the complete cost of surrogacy, including:

  • Use of donor sperm when needed
  • When required, the inclusion of a donor embryo becomes an important part of the process.
  • In cases where it’s necessary, the utilization of a donor’s egg becomes a significant part of the surrogacy procedure.
  • The unique medical requirements of the intended parents, potentially leading to an increase in costs.

Our dedicated surrogacy counsellors create custom-made payment arrangements oriented with your preferences and financial capacities. As a result, all our prospective parents can conveniently manage expenses through flexible instalment payments, removing any financial burden.

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Few details on surrogacy process

  • Egg donor selection and compensation – Our centre adheres to strict criteria when it comes to selecting and compensating egg donors.
  • Ovarian stimulation for egg donors – The growth of ovarian follicles is initiated by FSH hormones.
  • IVF treatment – Within the IVF procedure, important stages include fertilization and the cultivation of blastocysts.
  • Screening and selection of surrogate mothers – After undergoing complete medical and psychological assessments, the most suitable candidate is chosen.
  • Embryo transfer – We select Grade A blastocysts for transfer to increase the chances of a successful conception.
  • Medical check-ups and care of the surrogate mother – Some of the expenses are:

-Costs associated with the surrogate’s residence

-Pregnancy clothing options

-Regular prenatal examinations

-Specialized dietary requirements for nutritional needs

-Medical and dietary supplements

  • Uterine preparation for surrogate mother – We begin the uterine lining development using injections and medications. We also closely monitor the progress through transvaginal scans.
  • Surrogacy contract and legal procedure fees – At Ekmi Fertility, you can trust that legal advice and documentation are expertly handled. Our cost-effective packages ensure both successful and affordable surrogacy. Our legal advisors provide the following services: –

-Obtaining the court’s eligibility certificate

-Professional legal negotiations

-Legal documentation that establishes a binding agreement between the surrogate mother and intended parents.

  • Costs associated with medical procedures and childbirth

Ekmi Fertility; best surrogacy centre in Dhaula Kuan

  • Outstanding clinical success rates – Our surrogacy cases continuously achieve exceptional clinical success rates, crossing a 90% success rate on the first attempt.
  • Transparent and straightforward pricing – At Ekmi Fertility, we place a strong emphasis on transparency, solidifying our position as the most trusted IVF and surrogacy care provider. Once your package is confirmed, with clearly defined inclusions and exclusions, you can be assured that there are no additional costs.
  • Guaranteed surrogacy program – We offer unlimited attempts until you bring your child home. In the unfortunate event of a miscarriage, we reinitiate the process at no extra charge. Our guaranteed surrogacy program provides the most cost-effective surrogacy rates in Dhaula Kuan.
  • Cutting-edge laboratories – Our utilization of state-of-the-art technology ensures exceptional success rates.
  • Highly skilled specialists – Our team consists of remarkably talented experts with over 25 years of dedicated experience in their respective fields. These expert professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise to our practice, greatly benefiting our patients.
  • Legal support – Given the recent surrogacy law changes, our specialized legal team perfectly oversees all aspects of the process with expertise and firm dedication.

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