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Ekmi Fertility is dedicated to delivering top-class surrogacy care at an affordable rate. Surrogacy often presents a costly and emotionally taxing journey for many couples or individuals. Thus, having access to cost-effective options without sacrificing quality is important. Our commitment to providing a complete understanding of surrogacy and its associated expenses serves as a valuable resource for those considering this path to parenthood. This transparency helps prospective parents to make well-informed decisions regarding their options and budgeting. It is this dedication to transparency and affordability that supports our position as the best surrogacy centre in Tilak Nagar. At Ekmi Fertility, we work to ensure that every individual or couple going on the surrogacy journey feels supported, informed, and confident in their choices.

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Surrogacy and its related expenses

Ekmi Fertility helps prospective parents make informed decisions about surrogacy. We help them find a path to parenthood that fits their financial needs while maintaining the highest quality of care. Some of the expenses included are;

  1. Assessments: Surrogacy involves a surrogate carrying and delivering a baby for intended parents. The process includes legal contracts, medical procedures, embryo transfer, pregnancy, and establishing parental rights, preceded by psychological and medical screenings for both parties.
  2. Medical procedures : These include IVF treatment, embryo transfer, prenatal care, and delivery expenses for the surrogate. Prices vary widely but can range from Rs. 5,00,000 to 18,00,000 or more, depending on location and services.
  3. Insurance costs : Insurance costs can significantly contribute to the overall expense of surrogacy. It should be carefully considered and planned by intended parents. In this we cover prenatal care, maternity, and potential complications for the surrogate.
  4. Legal expenses : This involves drafting and reviewing contracts, confirming parental rights, and ensuring obedience with local laws.
  5. Financial planning : Effective financial planning helps ensure a smooth surrogacy journey without unexpected financial stress. We offer guidance to help intended parents budget for their surrogacy journey.
  6. Support and counselling : Ekmi Fertility offers you all-inclusive services. This ensures the well-being and mental health of all parties involved. Our services include psychological and emotional support. Also any conflict resolution and peer support.
  7. Additional costs : These include maternity clothing, travel expenses and child care. In some cases, any additional help or nutritional demands of the surrogate mother.

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Who is eligible for surrogacy?

Surrogacy offers hope for couples fighting infertility, overcoming biological barriers to conception and making a unique path to parenthood. By entrusting the gestational journey to a surrogate, couples can realize their dreams of family despite hereditary challenges. It’s not just about fulfilling parental dreams; it’s about realizing familial dreams and bridging the gap between desire and biological restrictions. Surrogacy symbolizes strength and determination, providing a positive pathway for couples to fight infertility challenges.

  • Women facing medical complications related to the uterus
  • Females who have undergone a hysterectomy surgery
  • Couples who have experienced multiple failed IVF or ICSI cycles
  • Women who have experienced miscarriages in a sequence
  • Situations where pregnancy becomes either impossible or risky for the intended mother
  • Intended mothers with severe health issues such as heart problems or depression

What makes us the best surrogacy centre in Tilak Nagar

Ekmi Fertility, the best surrogacy centre in Tilak Nagar, is committed to making safe and lawful parenthood dreams come true. We ensure affordable surrogacy supported by legal procedures from the start.

  • Confirmed Success: Our surrogate mothers undergo strict assessments, including blood tests and scans. Each has a verified history of successfully delivering at least one child without complications.
  • Strict Screening: Once a surrogate is selected, we conduct careful screenings to identify infections such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and other relevant health issues.
  • Dependable Surrogates: Our surrogates are carefully chosen to meet our strict fertility criteria, ensuring their excellent health, physical fitness, and youthful age.
  • Guaranteed Birth Success: We help couples secure a surrogate mother to carry their biological child to full term, ensuring successful births. This commitment supports our reputation as the best surrogacy centre in Tilak Nagar.
  • COVID-Free Environment: We understand your safety and hygiene nervousness. Hence, we follow strict measures to protect against COVID-19.

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