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Best Surrogacy Centre in Surat

We at Ekmi Fertility are a comprehensive, professional, and experienced team providing quality fertility services and support in the most advanced reproductive technologies: IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy programs, making it one of the best surrogacy centre in Surat. Surat is the largest cultural city of India with ancient history, inexpensive restaurants, and, of course, advanced fertility centers.

We are devoted to helping you achieve your dream of building your family while minimizing risks and expenses. Ekmi Fertility shares its close ties with the best fertility hospitals in Surat for your IVF, egg donor, or surrogacy programs. Our full-service agency works exclusively with the top fertility centers in Pan India that have high success rates and provide the best service to our clients. Ekmi Fertility matches intended parents with carefully screened surrogates and egg donors that meet our strict criteria.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy refers to a procedure in which the mother-to-be does not carry the baby. A gestational carrier, on the other hand, is the one who becomes pregnant and gives birth to the baby. You can use your own eggs or donor eggs to perform gestational surrogacy. It is also known as in vitro fertilization (IVF). We retrieve eggs from the intended mom (or egg donor), fertilize them with the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm, and then transfer the embryo to the gestational carrier.

Gestational Surrogacy in Surat

For those who are unable to have a child, gestational surrogacy can be a viable option. Congenital absence, prior hysterectomy, women with a lack of uterus, IVF failures that have been repeated, IVF cycles with preimplantation genetic screening (PGT-A), persistent thin endometrium, severe uterine factors (fibroids and adenomyosis), as well as those who are unable to conceive. This option is available for both single men and same-sex couples.

We at Ekmi Fertility recommend that you consult an attorney to understand the legal issues. This will depend on where the baby is to be born and the state in which it will be born.

Success rates in gestational surrogacy depend on the age and quality of the eggs. If you use your own eggs, the success rate will depend on the mother’s age. Our clinical pregnancy rate for egg donors is 80-85%. This is the highest when compared to many countries like the USA, Ethiopia, Uk.

Best Surrogacy Centre in Surat

We, being in collaboration with the best surrogacy centre in Surat, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. in India are proud to have one of the best embryology labs in India.  Our centres use the best culture media and have as many incubators as needed. They always transfer in the blastocyst phase. If donor eggs are used, our centres guarantee that each recipient will receive at least 6 mature eggs. Our centres also guarantee that every recipient will receive at least one blastocyst (day 5) in egg donation. Each embryo transfer is successful in 90% of cases where preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) has been performed. We guarantee that there will be at least one normal chromosomally matched blastocyst for every egg donation.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Surat?

Intended parents should budget for a Surrogacy Cost in Surat starts from 5 Lakhs To 15 Lakhs Our guaranteed surrogacy package prices vary from person to person based on the services availed by them after their medical screening and other details. Usually some charges include the surrogate mother fees, as well as the costs of IVF and fertility treatments.

We understand that you want to protect your emotional and financial investments. We are happy to provide 3Etransparency and security during this delicate journey. During your consultation, you will receive a detailed price list, outlining the costs of using a surrogate mom.

Surrogate Mother in Surat

A potential surrogate mother must be in good overall health and be able to carry a child with the minimum risk to her own health. The prospective surrogate mother should be 20-35 years old. She must be mentally and somatically healthy and have at least one healthy child of her own. Surrogate mothers may not relate to Intended Parents. The marital status of the surrogate is irrelevant.

Surrogacy mother status may be denied to women with certain medical conditions. All candidates must be tested for known medical conditions. Surrogate mothers who are obese, pregnant, or have a history of substance abuse will not be accepted because of the risks to both the woman and her baby. Surrogate mothers should not be older than 35 years, as the risk of getting pregnant increases with age.

Surrogate Mother Selection Criteria

All applicants must be physically and mentally well. Mothers must be less than 35 years of age and have at least one child. To avoid any potential genetic or infectious diseases, all applicants must be healthy. These tests are valid for 3 months. After the surrogate mother is matched with potential parents, she will go through a screening process before starting the IVF cycle. Sometimes, we can make surrogates available with valid tests that are valid for three to four months. Before you start the surrogacy program, the surrogate mother that you have chosen will be checked by a coordinating expert. As a parof being the best surrogacy centre in Surat, below are the requirements to become a surrogate, based on Ekmi Fertility:

  • Between the ages 20 and 35
  • Physically healthy
  • Psychologically healthy
  • A healthy child is possible
  • Non-Smoker
  • Current use of no drugs
  • There is no family history of inheritable genetic diseases
  • Reliable and mature

Surrogate Mother Screening Processes

  • Medical Screening: This includes testing for blood type, infection, drug use, and general health.
  • Genetic Screening: To raise awareness about possible genetic disorders or hereditary diseases, the family history will be examined.
  • Psychological Screening: To ensure that she understands all aspects of surrogacy, including the risks and benefits, and that she has the right motivations to become a surrogate, the surrogate will need to meet with a psychologist.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program by Ekmi Fertility

Ekmi Fertility is one of the best surrogacy centre in Surat, dedicated to delivering the expectations to the couple to give a healthy living baby with the best surrogacy treatment, depending on Assured or Guaranteed package & highly refined with the equipped technology, along with renowned and experienced specialists. Ekme Fertility is a few of the best. Our surrogacy team works the best in Handling sperm and egg donation, embryo fertilization, and implantation. We offer high-quality prenatal care, and on delivery to gift you with a healthy baby, while simultaneously taking care of the surrogate. We ensure that the baby is legally bound to you by helping you in the issuance of the relevant certificates in this regard.

Our Program saves you from the most commonly unforeseen financial pitfalls during an egg donation & surrogacy journey.

Our Plan Includes:

  • All IVF Procedures 
  • Legal Procedures & Agreements
  • Surrogate Mother Expenses
  • Other Charges based on the requirements


How do i start my surrogacy journey with Ekmi Fertility?

With Ekmi Fertility your surrogacy journey will begin with a free consultation with our fertility expert and experienced Doctor. We will discuss and know about your concern in our program and let you know about our program offer and help you to understand the surrogacy process. We will also know about your experience, your infertility issues, History background about any fertility issues. Also answers all your questions. We are confidential, we keep all your shared information private

Does the Ekmi Fertility center works with all intended parents?

Yes, we are committed to working with all the international intended parents across the globe. Besides we have helped create families in over 40 countries, we have received accreditation and appreciation notes from most of our patients showing their gestures for our programs that we have built-in their families. We have well-experienced professionals and there is no language barrier with our patients. All our teams are fluent in English, if necessary we also arrange a translator for our patients for international non-English speaking people. We are committed to succeeding with the great quality of our surrogacy programs.

Why and how intending parents needed to be screened?

Intended parents need screening too in order to be eligible for the program. The screening usually contains the history of the intended parents. Thorough medical screening of the intended parents to rule out any contagious disease

How do parents receive the information of baby after pregnancy?

Every single upgrade with respect to the pregnancy will be shared with the intended parents from the bureau. Ultrasound reports, blood tests, anomaly scans, expert and doctor visits, medication protocol, counseling anything else pertaining to the pregnancy. The center makes sure no piece of information is kept veiled from the planned parents.

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