Best Surrogacy Centre in Shalimar Bagh

Surrogacy involves an agreement between intended parents and a surrogate mother. Herein, she commits to carrying a baby to full term on their behalf. If you’re in search of the Best Surrogacy Centre in Shalimar Bagh, our assistance is at your service. In the surrogacy process, we collect the intended parents’ eggs and sperm, which we then fertilize. Once the embryo forms, we implant it in the surrogate’s uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy.

The path is not without difficulties, as infertility often brings emotional and financial challenges. However, with the right support, miracles can indeed happen. Let’s join hands to bring a baby—your miracle—into your life! At Ekmi Fertility, we’re here to assist you in finding the Best Surrogacy Centre in Shalimar Bagh. We firmly hold the belief that every couple deserves the chance to experience parenthood. While planning a family may pose challenges, with proper guidance and support, this dream can become a reality for everyone. We are committed to accompanying you through this life changing journey, providing guidance every step of the way.

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Best Surrogacy Centre in Shalimar Bagh

At Ekmi Fertility, we’re dedicated to guiding couples on their path to parenthood. From moral and emotional support to advanced technical assistance, we prioritize cost-effective surrogacy solutions. Tailoring our services to each individual’s needs, we offer personalized support to help fulfill the dream of building a family.

Our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program, backed by our expert doctors, ensures success in parenthood. At Ekmi Fertility, we prioritize your fertility concerns, treating every patient like family. With personalized care and support, we guide you through a smooth and successful surrogacy journey, making your dream of starting a family a reality.

Cost of Surrogacy in Shalimar Bagh

Going for surrogacy in Shalimar Bagh offers a cost-effective option to seeking services in foreign countries or other major Indian cities. Our dedicated program counsellors understand that every intended parent’s financial situation is unique. Therefore, we work closely with you to create a personalized payment plan that matches with your convenience and financial limitations. We allow easy instalment payments, removing the financial burden associated with the process. The financial investment required for surrogacy services can vary, typically covering a range of 14 to 18 lakhs. This cost is subject to fluctuations based on the specific clinic selected and the tailored program opted for by the intended parents. However, it’s important to note that multiple factors play a role in determining the overall expenditure associated with the surrogacy journey. Some of these factors are:

  • Individual packages may fluctuate based on the medical necessities of the intended parents.
  • It could change if the donor’s sperm is needed.
  • A similar fluctuation might occur if the donor’s egg is required.
  • The utilization of a donor embryo, if necessary, can also contribute to cost variability.

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How is Ekmi Fertility your answer to a Guaranteed Surrogacy?

  • High Success Rates : We hold the belief that parenthood should be accessible to everyone. Hence, we customize our surrogate and egg donation programs to suit your requirements. Being the Best Surrogacy Centre in Shalimar Bagh with a heightened success rate in Live Births, our surrogacy clinic and well-informed team offer the environment and direction essential for a triumphant IVF and surrogacy expedition.
  • Seamless Treatment Journey : The days of surrogacy being a complex process are behind us. At Ekmi Fertility, our staff guarantees you a seamless treatment journey. Right from overseeing medical consultations, procedures and surrogate mother selection, to regular check-ups, and legal consultations and documentation, we provide everything under one roof.
  • Legal Support and Assistance : We’re a full-service surrogacy and egg donation centre in Delhi and NCR. Hence we have all the services for our patients, including journey coordination, legal and accounting support, and assistance in getting you and your baby home.

Being the Best Surrogacy Centre in Shalimar Bagh, we have a High Success IVF Treatment rate and a low ratio of multiple births.

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