Best Surrogacy Centre in Roorkee

Best Surrogacy Centre in Roorkee

Are you familiar with the Best Surrogacy Centre in Roorkee? What if we informed you that you can access top-tier surrogacy care in Roorkee at a more affordable rate. And all this all while still maintaining treatment excellence. That’s correct. We, at Ekmi Fertility, understand your weariness from searching for the best surrogacy centre or top-rated surrogacy doctor/specialist in Roorkee within a budget. To help you in your search, we present you with comprehensive insights into surrogacy and associated costs.

Understanding the major role of finding the right doctor or specialist in surrogacy, we understand the financial and emotional stress it can give. Before going into an in-depth examination of Surrogacy Treatment in Roorkee, let’s first gain a brief understanding of surrogacy, recognizing its complexities and effects on the journey to parenthood.

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How is Surrogacy helpful?

In Roorkee, surrogacy is a solution for couples facing fertility challenges due to medical conditions. A surrogate mother offers her womb, especially beneficial when the female partner has health issues. Surrogacy also provides an alternative path to parenthood for single women. With signed contracts and consent, we follow ethical procedures at Ekmi Fertility, the Best Surrogacy Centre in Roorkee, offering various policies for selecting a surrogate mother.

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Surrogacy in Roorkee, Step-by-Step

Selection – Upon entering the surrogacy program, Ekmi Fertility will match the most appropriate surrogate based on predetermined physical and clinical criteria.

Tests – Initially pregnancy potential is assessed through blood tests and scans performed on the surrogate mother. With thorough checks we ensure the surrogate is free from any infections and medical conditions.

Legalities – The surrogacy contract binds the couple and surrogate throughout pregnancy. Upon signing, you’re responsible for the child, surrogate, and expenses until delivery. Post-delivery, the surrogate relinquishes rights to the children.

Priming uterus – We prime the surrogate’s uterus for embryo transfer using medication to ensure the optimal preparation of the uterine lining.

Embryo transfer – In the laboratory, the final step entails combining the sperm and eggs for fertilization. After fertilization, our highly trained medical professionals transfer matured eggs into the surrogate’s womb.

Why go for Surrogacy?

Surrogacy treatment is always the best decision for couples struggling with infertility because of multiple reasons including

  • Women facing medical complications related to the uterus
  • Females who have undergone a hysterectomy surgery
  • Couples who have experienced multiple failed IVF or ICSI cycles
  • Women who have experienced miscarriages in a sequence
  • Situations where pregnancy becomes either impossible or risky for the intended mother
  • Intended mothers with severe health issues such as heart problems or depression

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What makes us the Best Surrogacy Centre in Roorkee?

  • Proven track record -We evaluate pregnancy potential through blood tests and scans. Each of our surrogate mothers boasts a proven track record, having successfully delivered at least one child without any complications.
  • Complete screening – Upon selecting a surrogate, we conduct comprehensive screenings for infections such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and more.
  • Best and trusted surrogates – We carefully choose surrogates who meet our strict fertility standards, ensuring they are healthy, fit, and young.

At Ekmi Fertility, we stand as one of the Best Surrogacy Centre in Roorkee, dedicated to aiding couples in safely and legally realizing their dream of parenthood. Our commitment lies in offering cost-effective surrogacy treatments without compromising on the necessary legal procedures right from the start. Above all we help couples in securing a surrogate mother to bear their biological child to complete term. This helps us in ranking as the Best Surrogacy centre in Roorkee.

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