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Couples who have tried multiple other treatments and still were unable to conceive find a ray of hope in surrogacy. Women no longer have to endure the emotional and physical trauma of taking hundreds of injections in every cycle. Ekmi Fertility, the Best Surrogacy Centre in Guwahati, boasts a large pool of surrogate mothers who are ready to assist you in completing your family.

The new Surrogacy Law in India allows for altruistic surrogacy only, where any woman is willing to assist you without receiving financial compensation. Ekmi Fertility offers you unlimited attempts until you bring your baby home with you. Also, our legal support team handles all the legal aspects of the process.

The percentage of infertile couples has increased significantly due to modern lifestyle and stress. Despite undergoing numerous fertility treatments, taking hundreds of injections, and various invasive procedures, millions of couples worldwide are unable to conceive.

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We are free from Covid

To ensure your protection, we sanitize and maintain a COVID-free environment in our clinic, which is recognized as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Guwahati. Inside the surrogate home facilities, we do not allow visitors to prevent the exposure of surrogates.

Cost of Surrogacy in Guwahati

The cost of surrogacy in Guwahati varies from Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 13 lakhs. If the intended parents do not have a surrogate, we will provide one. Therefore, Ekmi Fertility has a large pool of surrogates ready to assist the intended parents.

But why surrogacy is costly?

  • Egg Donor Screening and Compensation– We at Ekmi Fertility have a very well-designed donor acquisition criteria.
  • Ovarian Stimulation of Egg Donor – FSH hormones induce growth of follicles and trans vaginal scans monitor the progress.
  • IVF Process- IVF Treatment involves fertilization and blastocyst culture
  • Surrogate Mother Screening and Finalization– After medical and psychological assessments the fittest candidate is chosen.
  • Embryo Transfer – Transferring Grade A blastocysts for enhancing the chances of conception.
  • Medical Check-Ups and Care of The Surrogate Mother – This includes routine check-ups, medication, home charges and any other special needs.
  • Uterine Stimulation of Surrogate mother– Uterine lining is prepared with the help of injections and medicines and monitored with transvaginal scans.
  • Surrogacy Agreement & Cost for Legal Formalities – As surrogacy requires a significant amount of legal work. At Ekmi Fertility, we offer comprehensive legal services essential for surrogacy. You can rest assured that you won’t need to concern yourself with any aspects of legal advice or documentation.
  • Expenses for Medical procedures and delivery – This includes surgical sperm retrieval, multiple IVF cycles if required and delivery charges.

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Guaranteed Surrogacy Program with Ekmi Fertility in Guwahati

Being the most successful surrogacy platform with an increased success rate in Live Births, our clinic and knowledgeable staff offer you the space and guidance necessary for a successful IVF and surrogacy journey.

We have moved past the era when surrogacy was a highly complicated process. We believe that everyone should have the chance to become a parent, so we tailor our surrogate and egg donation programs to meet your specific needs.

Ekmi Fertility offers world-class services and is renowned as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Guwahati. We maintain a high IVF success rate while keeping the ratio of multiple births low. We ensure that we provide all the necessary surrogacy and egg donation services for our patients. This includes journey coordination, legal and accounting support, as well as assistance in facilitating your and your baby’s journey back home.

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