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Surrogacy crosses any traditional legal bond between prospective parents and surrogates. Recent developments in Indian surrogacy laws have welcomed in altruistic surrogacy. This allows women to offer their help and support without financial exchanges. In this modern outlook, Ekmi Fertility, the best surrogacy centre in Gujarat, steps in to provide guidance and support for those seeking this path to parenthood. We’ve gathered a large group of surrogate mothers, each ready to begin this journey to assist you in achieving your family dreams. Our dedicated legal support team carefully manages the fine legal aspects through the entire process. Thereby, guaranteeing you a seamless path toward parenthood.

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Surrogacy in Gujarat

At Ekmi Fertility, your safety is our primary concern. We’ve established a carefully sanitized environment to guarantee a COVID-free setting. Thereby prioritizing your well-being throughout your surrogacy journey. To remove any risks to our dedicated surrogates, we’ve also introduced a policy that limits access to their homes. Hence ensuring a visitor-free and secure environment. Additionally, our expert legal support team is dedicated to handling the legal aspects of the surrogacy process, ensuring a smooth path towards parenthood. Count on us for a safe and advanced surrogacy experience, where your dreams of parenthood become a reality.

Gujarat stands out as a surrogacy centre with state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced technology. We take great pride in our role as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Gujarat, offering you the best of both worlds. Our mission is to unite aspiring parents with a remarkable group of surrogate mothers, all eager to begin this huge journey to help you achieve your dream of building a family.

Cost of surrogacy in Gujarat

Ekmi Fertility extends a range of services, including a large pool of surrogates available to support prospective parents. We are also fully equipped to meet the needs of intended parents seeking assistance in surrogacy. In Gujarat, surrogacy treatment costs vary from Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 13 lakhs, also ensuring flexibility to accommodate different financial circumstances.

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Our guaranteed surrogacy program

Furthermore, as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Gujarat, Ekmi Fertility provides you with top-class service. Above all, we consider our patients as essential members of our extended family. Let’s look into the range of services included in your package.

  • Egg donor screening – Our approach to egg donor acquisition, screening adheres to a carefully structured criterion.
  • Ovarian stimulation of egg donor – For the ovarian stimulation of our egg donors, we use FSH hormones to stimulate the growth of follicles, with progress monitored through transvaginal scans.
  • IVF process – Our IVF process specifically encompasses fertilization and blastocyst culture.
  • Screening and selection of surrogate mothers – This involves thorough medical and psychological evaluations to identify the most suitable candidates.
  • Embryo transfer – We increase the chances of conception by conducting Grade A blastocyst transfers during the embryo transfer process.
  • Medical examinations – These may include:
  1. Routine antenatal care and check-ups
  2. Any special diet according to specific needs
  3. Additional help or care for surrogate mother
  4. Medications and supplements
  • Stimulating the surrogate mother’s uterine lining – To prepare the uterine lining of the surrogate mother, we administer injections and medications while closely monitoring progress through transvaginal scans.
  • Surrogacy agreement and legal formalities – Surrogacy involves a major legal part, hence, we offer complete legal services required. You can trust us for legal advice and documentation, as our team of legal advisors will provide the following services:
  1. Negotiation of contracts
  2. Legal documentation between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.
  3. Making the parties aware of their rights and responsibilities

As an all-inclusive centre for surrogacy and egg donation, Ekmi Fertility offers a wide range of services. In addition to these services, we provide journey coordination, legal and accounting support, and assistance in your return journey with your newborn. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding services and proudly holds the title of the Best Surrogacy Centre in Gujarat, boasting an impressive IVF success rate and a low incidence of multiple births.

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