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In the field of modern assisted reproductive technologies, couples facing medical barriers to pregnancy or concerns about the mother’s health find surrogacy to be the perfect choice. Ekmi Fertility dedicates itself to assisting those who aspire to realize their dreams of parenthood. As the Best Surrogacy Centre in Bihar, it emerges as the foremost and highly successful option for addressing a range of fertility challenges. Our centre, with its cutting-edge techniques and expert care, provides a ray of hope to those facing the complexities of infertility. We guide the path to parenthood with professionalism, compassion, and success.

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Introduction to surrogacy

During the surrogacy process, intended parents actively engage in partnership with both the surrogate mother and our team of expert doctors at Ekmi Fertility. A dedicated lawyer is employed to compile complete legal documentation. This carefully addresses the rights and responsibilities of the intended parents, the surrogate mother, and also the donors involved. This legal documentation sets the boundaries for the surrogacy arrangement. Subsequently, all involved parties come together to sign a legally binding contract agreement. This agreement clearly outlines the surrogate’s commitment to conceive and deliver a child for the intended couple.

Recognized as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Bihar, we take pride in offering a complete approach that includes providing full legal assistance under a single roof. Our priority extends beyond the medical and scientific areas of surrogacy to cover the legal and ethical parts, ensuring a well-supported and smooth journey for parents to be.

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Surrogacy in Bihar and its procedures

  • The screening process is a thorough evaluation conducted on potential surrogates before they are matched with either a donor or the intended couple. This assessment includes a complete review of the surrogate’s medical history, physical health, and mental well-being. Medical examinations, psychological assessments, and background checks are also part of this process.
  • In the first menstrual cycle, we initiate a carefully managed process to stimulate either the intended mother’s ovary or, in some cases, a donor’s ovary. This process involves administering specific hormones to encourage the development of multiple follicles, each containing an egg.
  • In a carefully controlled laboratory environment, our embryologist performs the retrieval of eggs from either the donor or the intended mother. This procedure typically utilizes a minimally invasive technique called egg retrieval. At the same time, we request the intended father to provide a sperm sample, which we collect and prepare for use in the fertilization process.
  • In a controlled laboratory setting, the embryologist combines the egg and sperm to facilitate the fertilization process. In this step, the embryologist carefully introduces the eggs and sperm together under specific conditions that promote successful fertilization.
  • The resulting embryos are then carefully incubated, creating an environment that copies the natural conditions within the female reproductive system.
  • Once we have chosen a fertilized embryo, the next phase involves implanting it into the surrogate mother’s uterus, with the aim of initiating a pregnancy. The timing and technique are essential factors here. The embryologist and medical team closely monitor the process to optimize the chances of successful implantation.

When does surrogacy becomes an option for you?

As the Best Surrogacy Centre in Bihar, our team makes sure that you get all the attention and ease that you deserve. Let’s have a look at some of the conditions when you can go for surrogacy:

  • This includes couples who are over the age of 35. Advanced maternal age can pose challenges in both conceiving and successfully carrying a pregnancy to term.
  • Surrogacy can also serve as a solution for couples in which one or both partners carry genetic defects they wish to avoid passing on to their offspring.
  • Furthermore, for individuals who have experienced repeated disappointments with IVF cycles, IUI cycles, and various other fertility treatments. Surrogacy provides a fresh source of hope in their search for parenthood.
  • Surrogacy becomes a particularly suitable choice for women who face significant health risks. Such medical conditions make it unsafe for them to carry a pregnancy. These medical conditions can range from severe heart conditions to uterine issues, such as scarring or abnormalities.

Guaranteed surrogacy in Bihar

  • Our competitive and flexible surrogacy pricing further solidifies our reputation as the most sought-after surrogacy clinic in Bihar.
  • Ekmi Fertility has developed a state-of-the-art surrogacy centre. Here we use cutting-edge technologies, advanced techniques, and a team of leading fertility doctors from various regions of India.
  • To help in the patient journey, our centre offers online appointment bookings and provides free consultations.
  • We maintain our position as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Bihar. We are renowned for delivering top-class treatment with a commitment to assured live birth.
  • In addition to our medical expertise, we provide comfortable living arrangements. We are recognized for establishing a welcoming environment for our patients.

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