Best Surrogacy Centre in Preet Vihar

In a situation where many efforts to try various treatment approaches provide no success, surrogacy comes as a hopeful alternative. The recent changes of surrogacy laws have brought in significant changes. Ekmi Fertility, renowned as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Preet Vihar, provides an all-inclusive care, addressing all legal aspects.

In our modern, quick-moving way of life, added by exposure to many environmental factors, the fertility window for both men and women has significantly narrowed. As we run after our goals, we often unintentionally compromise our peak reproductive years. For certain couples, even with multiple attempts during their prime reproductive age, it’s hard to get pregnant.

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Covid-free environment with success

We prioritize safety by carefully maintaining strict sanitization methods, ensuring a COVID-free environment at our centre. This dedication strengthens our reputation as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Preet Vihar. Hence, to protect our surrogates from potential risks, we have installed a policy limiting access to surrogate home facilities. These measures not only safeguard the well-being of our clients but also display our dedicated commitment to providing a secure and healthy environment throughout the surrogacy process. Your safety and the safety of our surrogates are most important, and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in these challenging times.

Cost of surrogacy in Preet Vihar

Surrogacy treatments in Preet Vihar have a cost scale ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs. The primary cost element in the surrogacy process is associated with the surrogate mother. In cases where prospective parents do not have a surrogate, we perfectly manage this aspect. Ekmi Fertility takes pride in having an extensive pool of willing surrogates, all ready to assist aspiring parents on their journey to parenthood.

Preet Vihar takes the lead with its state-of-the-art laboratories and access to cutting-edge technology, making it a central point for surrogacy. In this location, Ekmi Fertility proudly holds the title of the Best Surrogacy Centre in Preet Vihar, thanks to this unique combination of factors.

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Expenses associated with surrogacy in Preet Vihar

Many factors impact the cost of surrogacy, among them are:

  • We strictly adhere to a meticulously designed selection process for obtaining egg donors. This ensures thorough screening and compensation.
  • We employ Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) to stimulate follicle development in our egg donors. Meanwhile, closely monitoring their progress using transvaginal scans.
  • Our IVF process includes fertilization and the cultivation of blastocysts.
  • For surrogate mother selection, we conduct complete medical and psychological evaluations to identify the most suitable candidates.
  • In our embryo transfer procedure, we prioritize Grade A blastocysts to maximize the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.
  • Expenses for medical check-ups and care for the surrogate mother can fluctuate based on specific requirements, which may encompass some of the following costs:

-A crucial part of prenatal care are routine antenatal check-ups

-Surrogate home charges cover the expenses associated with the surrogate mother’s accommodation and care during the surrogacy process.

-The nutritional needs of the surrogate mother may include expenses related to special dietary requirements, ensuring she receives appropriate nutrition during the pregnancy.

-Costs related to additional help or a nurse for the surrogate mother are also part of the expenses, providing necessary support and care during the pregnancy.

-Expenses associated with medications and supplements are essential components of the overall surrogacy costs.

-The expense for maternity clothing ensures surrogate mother’s comfort and appropriate attire during pregnancy.

  • To prepare the surrogate mother’s uterine lining, we administer injections and medications while closely monitoring its progress through transvaginal scans.
  • Surrogacy agreement and legal formalities costs include major legal work. At Ekmi Fertility, we offer all-inclusive legal services necessary for surrogacy. You can rest assured that you won’t have to concern yourself with legal advice or documentation, as our dedicated legal advisors will manage all the essential services for you.
  • The financial commitment of surrogacy definitely covers a range of costs related to medical procedures and the delivery process.

Features that add to Ekmi Fertility’s fame

  • Our high service standards result from our role as a dedicated surrogacy and egg donation centre. Therefore, we include a complete range of services for our patients. These include the seamless coordination of your journey, expert guidance in legal and financial matters, and dedicated support to ensure the safe return of both you and your newborn home.
  • We’ve removed any complexities related with surrogacy at Ekmi Fertility. Our team ensures a seamless treatment experience by managing medical consultations, finding suitable surrogate mothers, overseeing routine check-ups, and handling all your legal consultation and documentation needs.
  • Our outstanding success rates are marked by exceptional IVF outcomes and a low incidence of multiple births. Thereby, holding our position as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Preet Vihar. This achievement extends to our remarkable success rates in Live Births as well.
  • Furthermore, we offer complete legal support, providing consultation on all legal matters related to the surrogacy process. Our dedicated legal advisors will also handle all the necessary documentation throughout the process.
  • We understand the financial challenges that surrogacy can pose, which is why we offer flexible instalment payment options. Our aim is to remove any financial burden and provide support throughout the process.

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