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Surrogacy goes beyond a simple legal contract between prospective parents and a surrogate. Recent legislation on surrogacy in India has introduced provisions for altruistic surrogacy. This means that any woman willing to provide assistance can now do so without any financial transactions involved. In this context, Ekmi Fertility, recognized as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Panaji, is here to assist you. We assemble a substantial pool of dedicated surrogate mothers, all eager to join you on this journey to help you create your family. Our highly experienced legal support team handles all the legal complexities that come with the entire process.

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Surrogacy in Panaji

Consequently, we maintain a thoroughly sanitized and COVID-free environment, placing your safety as our top priority. To minimize any potential risks for our surrogates, we have implemented a policy that restricts access to the surrogate home facilities, preventing visitors from entering. However, Panaji stands out with its cutting-edge laboratories and advanced technology. These factors establish Panaji as a leading hub for surrogacy, and Ekmi Fertility takes pride in its recognition as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Pqnaji.

Cost of surrogacy in Panaji

Ekmi Fertility offers a comprehensive range of services, including access to a substantial pool of surrogates, ready to support intended parents in their journey to parenthood. We also cater to those in need of a surrogate. In Panaji, the cost of surrogacy treatments can vary, typically ranging from Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 13 lakhs, making parenthood achievable for a broad spectrum of individuals and couples. Our commitment to providing a range of options and personalized care, positions us as a trusted destination for those seeking fertility treatment in Panaji.

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Our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program

Furthermore, as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Panaji, Ekmi Fertility provides services of the utmost quality. Most importantly, we regard our patients as essential members of our extended family. Let’s go through the comprehensive range of services that are part of your package.

  • Egg Donor Selection and Compensation – At Ekmi Fertility, we adhere to a carefully designed process for the selection, screening, and compensation of our egg donors.
  • Ovarian Stimulation in Egg Donor – The growth of follicles is induced by FSH hormones, and we closely monitor the progress through transvaginal scans.
  • IVF Process- This, specifically involves fertilization and blastocyst culture
  • Surrogate Mother Screening and Selection – We meticulously assess candidates through comprehensive medical and psychological evaluations to identify the most suitable surrogate mothers.
  • Embryo Transfer – To maximize the chances of conception, we conduct transfers of Grade A blastocysts in the embryo transfer procedure.
  • Medical Examinations – The expenses related to medical check-ups and care for the surrogate mother are subject to variation based on specific requirements. Some of the related expenses encompass:

– Regular prenatal care and examinations

– Expenses related to the surrogate’s residence

– Tailored dietary requirements to meet specific needs

– Any extra assistance or support for the surrogate mother

– Prescribed medications and dietary supplements

– Pregnancy clothing or maternity wardrobe

  • Preparing the Surrogate Mother’s Uterine Lining – We use injections and medications to stimulate the development of the uterine lining, closely monitoring progress through transvaginal scans.
  • Costs Related to Surrogacy Agreement and Legal Formalities – Surrogacy entails essential legal aspects. Therefore, at Ekmi Fertility, we offer comprehensive legal services vital for the surrogacy process. You can have peace of mind, as our team of legal experts provides the following services: –

– Negotiation of contracts

– Making the parties aware of their rights and liabilities

– In addition, legal documentation between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

  • Costs Associated with Medical Procedures and Delivery – These expenses may include:

– An egg or sperm donor and associated medical procedures, including surgical sperm retrieval

– Program involving multiple IVF cycles

– Choice of option between normal vaginal delivery or caesarean

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Know More About Our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program

Ekmi Fertility serves as a one-stop destination for surrogacy and egg donation services. Our extensive range of services include seamless journey coordination, expert legal and financial assistance, and support for your journey back home with your newborn. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Panaji, marked by an impressive IVF success rate and a minimal occurrence of multiple births.

Above all, our fundamental belief is in making parenthood accessible to all. We customize our surrogate and egg donation programs to align with your unique needs. This philosophy, combined with our status as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Panaji, is a key factor in our remarkable success rate in achieving Live Births. Our well-equipped clinic and experienced staff create a supportive environment and offer the essential guidance needed for a successful IVF and surrogacy journey.

Hence, the era of considering surrogacy as a complicated process has ended. At Ekmi Fertility, our team simplifies the treatment journey. We handle everything well within one location. This includes medical consultations, procedures and selection of a surrogate mother. Also, regular check-ups, and providing legal guidance and documentations.

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