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For couples who have exhausted all available fertility treatments without success, surrogacy becomes a ray of hope. The recent surrogacy law in India now strictly allows only altruistic surrogacy, where women selflessly provide assistance without any financial compensation. At Ekmi Fertility, recognized as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kanhaiya Nagar, we present a wide range of surrogate mothers eager to be a part of your journey toward completing your family. We offer unlimited attempts until you experience the special joy of parenthood. Our expert legal support team takes thorough care of all legal aspects, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for our intended parents.

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Covid-free surrogacy in Kanhaiya Nagar

Distinguished as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kanhaiya Nagar, our clinic upholds thorough sanitation practices to ensure COVID-free environments. Prioritizing your safety, we have issued a no-visitor policy in our surrogate home facilities to minimize potential exposure to our surrogates. Kanhaiya Nagar is recognized for its state-of-the-art laboratories and cutting-edge technology, positioning it as a centre for surrogacy in the region. Dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our clients, Ekmi Fertility stands out as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kanhaiya Nagar in this field. Our centre has always been committed to providing outstanding services.

Guaranteed surrogacy program

Covering a cost range of Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs, surrogacy treatments in Kanhaiya Nagar are all-inclusive. In situations requiring a surrogate for intended parents, we expertly manage that aspect. Ekmi Fertility has a large pool of surrogates ready to assist couples facing infertility challenges. However, the cost may vary based on your special needs and requirements.

  • Guided by a careful designed donor obtaining standard, our process for egg donor screening and compensation is carefully administered.
  • During the ovarian stimulation of the egg donor, we administer FSH hormones to stimulate follicle growth and monitor progress through transvaginal scans.
  • In the process of IVF, the fertilization and development of embryos extend to the blastocyst stage.
  • The screening and finalization process for surrogate mothers is very thorough. It involves medical and psychological assessments to carefully select the most suitable candidate.
  • During the embryo transfer process, we implant Grade A blastocysts to maximize the chances of successful pregnancy.
  • We offer all-inclusive medical check-ups and care for the surrogate mother, including routine check-ups, medication and home charges. We also address any other specific needs the surrogate mother may have.
  • To stimulate the uterus of the surrogate mother, we begin the process by preparing the uterine lining through injections and medications. All the while closely monitoring its progress with transvaginal scans.
  • In handling legal aspects, we take charge of the surrogacy agreement and associated costs. We recognize that surrogacy involves major legal procedures. Our services extend to providing complete legal support necessary for the surrogacy process. Hence, we ensure that you can rest without the need to manage any legal advice or documentation.
  • Covering a range of elements, the expenses related to medical procedures and delivery include charges for surgical sperm retrieval, multiple IVF cycles (if necessary), and the actual delivery charges.

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What makes Ekmi Fertility your best choice

  • Latest technology – Led by experienced specialists, we excel in using cutting-edge technology for sperm and egg donations, embryo fertilization, and implantation.
  • Legal support – We handle all legal details and actively issue essential certificates to establish your legal parentage. Thus, ensuring recognition as the child’s legal parents.
  • Customized programs – We are dedicated to helping you achieve parenthood, customizing our programs to meet your specific needs. This ensures you receive effective support, guidance, and medical care throughout the process.
  • In our role as one of the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kanhaiya Nagar, our primary mission is to assist couples in realizing their dreams of parenthood. What sets us apart is our commitment to deliver exceptional surrogacy treatments. We also provide guaranteed surrogacy program.
  • Designed to offer peace of mind, our program acknowledges that surrogacy can be a complex process with unexpected financial challenges. Hence, it ensures that you receive the necessary financial support, providing a safety net that covers a range of unexpected expenses.
  • Our outstanding track record of achieving high rates of live births supports our leading status. This success is a proof to the excellence of our state-of-the-art facilities and the expertise of our experienced staff. At every step, our expert team provides necessary guidance and support.

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