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In the speed of modern life, many individuals find themselves facing a narrow window of fertility due to a group of challenges. Following our dreams often means unknowingly neglecting our perfect fertility period. Even with many efforts made during the appropriate age, some couples find themselves struggling with infertility. Surrogacy emerges as a possible solution when conventional treatments fail after many attempts. However, recent revisions to surrogacy laws have majorly changed the landscape. Ekmi Fertility, acclaimed as the best surrogacy centre in Dwarka, places major importance on following all legal areas with utmost care.

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Surrogacy in Dwarka

Located in close proximity to the Delhi airport, Dwarka offers not only convenience but also a great number of advantages. Dwarka boasts state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the most advanced technology available. In addition to these cutting-edge facilities, the region also provides access to the finest medical services and resources. These exceptional features collectively establish Dwarka as a prominent hub for surrogacy. In particular, Ekmi Fertility stands out as the best surrogacy centre in Dwarka. Its reputation is supported by Dwarka’s strategic location near the airport, its state-of-the-art laboratories, and access to top-tier medical facilities. This combination of factors makes it the ideal destination for those seeking surrogacy services. Whether it’s the convenient airport access or the advanced medical technology, Dwarka sets the stage for a budding surrogacy, with Ekmi Fertility leading the way.

We are Covid free

Ekmi Fertility, the best surrogacy centre in Dwarka boasts sanitized, COVID-free clinics, prioritizing your safety. To protect surrogate well-being, strict measures are in place, restricting visitor access to their residences. This step reduces the risk of exposure, building a safe environment helpful to the health and welfare of both surrogates and intended parents. Despite these restrictions, rest assured of our dedicated commitment to providing unique care and support throughout your surrogacy journey. Your health, comfort, and peace of mind remain our priority, ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience for all involved.

Cost of Surrogacy in Dwarka

The Cost of surrogacy treatments in Delhi NCR ranges from Rs.4 lakhs to Rs. 13 lakhs. The major cost of surrogacy process goes to the surrogate mother. If the intended parents don’t have a surrogate, we will take care of it as well. Ekmi Fertility has a large pool of surrogates who are willing to help the intended parents.

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Lets see why are you spending lakhs of rupees in Surrogacy:

1) Egg Donor Screening and Compensation– We at Ekmi Fertility have a very well-designed donor acquisition criteria.

2) Ovarian Stimulation of Egg Donor – FSH hormones induce growth of follicles and trans vaginal scans monitor the progress

3) IVF Process- involves fertilization and blastocyst culture

4) Surrogate Mother Screening and Finalization– After medical and psychological assessments the fittest candidate is chosen

5) Embryo Transfer – all the best surrogacy centre in gurugram transfer Grade A blastocysts for enhancing the chances of conception.

6) Medical Check-Ups And Care Of The Surrogate Mother
The expenses may vary according to the necessity. Some of the expenses are:

  • Routine antenatal checkups
  • Surrogate home charges
  • Nutritional needs special diet
  • Additional help or nurse for the surrogate mother
  • Medications and supplements
  • Maternity attire
  • Antenatal care

7) Uterine Stimulation of Surrogate mother– Uterine lining is prepared with the help of injections and medicines and monitored with transvaginal scans

8) Surrogacy Agreement & Cost For Legal Formalities

Surrogacy involves a lot of legal work. We here at Ekmi Fertility provide the full legal services needed for surrogacy. You will not have to worry about anything related to legal advice or documentations. Our legal advisors will provide all these services: –

  • Negotiation of contracts 
  • Making the parties aware about their rights and liabilities
  • Legal documentation between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

9) Expenses for Medical procedures and delivery

  • Egg or sperm donor, and the medical process involved like surgical sperm retrieval etc
  • Cesarean or normal delivery
  • Multiple IVF cycle program as we provide guaranteed plan

Why Should You Choose Ekmi Fertility for the Guaranteed Surrogacy in Dwarka?

Gone are the times when surrogacy used to be a very complicated process. Our staff, at Ekmi Fertility, will ensure a smooth treatment journey by taking care of medical consultation and procedures, finding a surrogate mother, routine check-ups, and legal consultation and documentation, under one roof.

​​We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent, so we tailor our surrogate and egg donation programs to fit your needs. As the most successful surrogacy platform with an increased success rate for bringing home a baby, our surrogacy clinics and knowledgeable staff provide the space and guidance you need for a successful IVF and surrogacy journey.

We’re a full-service surrogacy and egg donation centre in Delhi and NCR, which means we have all surrogacy and egg donation services for our patients, including journey coordination, legal and accounting support, and assistance getting you and your baby home. Ekmi Fertility provides world-class services. It is the best surrogate clinic in Delhi, with a high IVF success rate and a low ratio of multiple births.

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